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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Walk with Chan

Lawrence Chan or Rence, (Renz) is always a provider of incredibly helpful content. He simplifies everything for a  newbie like me his blogsite called the COLLECTORS CONNECTION with url address :

In this site (blog) reads and I quote "feature  collectors and their collections, organizations
and their causes, trade shows , exhibits , conferences and other events.
Another intention is to promote local products , food,  lifestyle,  history, arts and culture.".
 A part-time event and travel coordinator .

 His escapades and publicity of these events  led him  to be featured  in some of the country’s top- rated lifestyle, current event, and magazine shows (no need mention).

the blog focus on the positive side of our country, and its an entertaining site full of rich articles for people who love books, education, photography , food, places and lots of pictures.

Rence during the orchid show

A walking encyclopedia, he knows what you people don't. everyday is a learning experience for him, he balance all this time and still has spare time for his free walking tours called the Royal Postage Heritage tours

the last tour of Metropolitan theater

PHILPOST tour from the Royal Pstage Heritage guided tours

A freelance writter, blogger, deltiologist, numismatist, orchidophile , bibliophile, philatelist, collector,
A good FRIEND.

Royal Postage heritage tours and Walk with Chan (food trip tour) he has a personal blogging site --( and an events page, and of course, as a respected blogger, he has a lot of HATERS. mostly dying of envy. his motto? "WORLD PEACE!"

I've met him a long time ago through a site named and since both of us are toy lovers,
(he is an ex foodtoy collector and a philatelist.) thus, the royal postage heritage tours at PHILPOST. by the way  he thought me how to blog. its "born" out of a joke during our dinner with friends(Yi pin) restaurant. haha!

and oh, by the way, since were all pet lovers, id like to share this link
like a boss enjoy!!

till here, this has been your loverboy DENNIS encouraging you guys to love our culture, our heritage, before its gone.

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