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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reach knowledge magazine

Oh, I'm not exactly a magazine person, but some good ones warrant a review.  a friend I met
from a meeting (through jobads4free   owner Ross Angeles 
named Peter Orfiano Jr. gave me 2 issues of REACH KNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE With fb page at
when  I went home I picked up one of the issues of REACH Knowledge Magazine, and was quite impressed.


All other articles are thorough, exhaustive and most importantly, lucidly-worded.

It gives a nutshell histori-political account of the current news, offering a
much needed perspective. Two other things that most people would find
appealing/accessible are the photo features with the interestingly attractive
original cartoon drawings by Columbia Ko and Kristine Tan, and the 
SPECIAL FEATURE  featuring the lovely chicks from
MISS TOURISM 2014 Ms. Victoriano and Ms. Victorine  both with the

same lovely name-Rachelle well to the two candidates, MWAH MWAH TSUP TSUP

To the two of you. hope you add me at fb and be friends shall we?:

The photos are expectedly award-winning, but it is the trivia that comes along with it, that is the important value.  in addition, the articles  are well-researched, like the gamefowl circuit, unlike most other magazines,
where similar sections offer highly general and 'common-sense' answers.

I LOVE CARS, and the section about MUSCLE MACHINES which is very informative

I wish that there would be a follow up issue on the  HOW IT WORKS section for things
about the natural calamity which everybody fears the most.-EARTHQUAKE. because I know
that the whole Manila is not prepared and a large number of the population
would be  statistics.

I particularly loved the Magazine in general ,the spread is varied enough to cater
to all sorts of readers.

Although I might go as far as to say that for science, food and nature aficionados
the crowd will find more meat in the magazine than others. But most articles
strive to offer a fair number of perspectives, and are highly credible, what with
a small army of experts on the magazine's panel, like my friend JohnParaiso.
That said, the articles are very readable, despite their knowledge-heavy nature.
for the articles ? they are logically structured and have some rather informative
boxes within them. (specially the EARHQUAKE issue)

REACH Knowledge Magazine quite simply offers you what it means to - lots of knowledge! 

Flipping through magazines like this one wonders what one finds here that they cannot on the Internet. Truth be told, nothing. But then again, if it weren't for magazines like this, you wouldn't know what to look for.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out.

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