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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

biking vs driving who wins?

Commuting to work Biking vs. driving

I’m not a cyclist,  but I know a lot of people would prefer to use their  Bike to commute to work.  The Bike always gets the peoples vote. But I beg to disagree. Because we don’t live in a country where Bikes dominate. We live in a country where most  riders of motorcycles are showoffs and doesnt care about fellow motorist as long as they can rev hard and arrive fast.

It's common to see Brits in London riding their bike to work instead of commuting,avoiding the traffic whilst keeping them  LONDON, in CHINA, in other parts of the globe, where there is a safe bike lane. Not here , specially in Manila, not here!

Driving is feasible. Don’t use your bicycle. Specially when you want to ride  with your family. The car is the best option. Even if it rained, just wash your car.

If the commute is from this village to the other village a few kms away, it’s a good exercise specially when there is traffic. But if the commute is from Talisay Batangas to a BPO company in BGC its not feasible.
Buying a good quality bicycle that can  do this ‘stunt’ will be equivalent to buying a  second hand car, (a lancer, a sentra  or a corolla) , most modern cars gives you 18 kms/liter or above  so if there is no traffic and its raining, 
Driving is feasible. Don’t use your bicycle. Specially when you want to ride  with your family. The car is the best option.
If you live in a village, with no pollution no bad truck and bus drivers, You should try e-bike. No need to use expensive gas for transportation just electricity. You can exercise through it and you can feel comfort if you're tired.
Cycling is relatively cheaper, but also makes you more vulnerable. Cars are safer, but at the cost of fuel.

the Only thing expensive about cycling is building your bike.

 Biking is more fun if there is clean air and safe area.  Wearing a mask while riding a bike or riding a motorcycle its a good way to save your lungs. 
Our car burns on gas, the bike burns on fat. just be careful because its very dangerous at night. wear high visibility clothing and night LED lights or take a risk to be taken down with bad effects. Include the long term bad effect of inhaling deadly toxins as one take the roads of EDSA, Makati or QC. The hospital bill on respiratory illness is higher than owning and driving a car even for 5kms trip unless one uses a totobobo mask which is P50 per mask per 30mins of ride travel. 
Driving to work has its bad effects, the cost of gas, specially in traffic, the risk of getting into a road rage, or a traffic minor accident when other drivers refused to give way. The cost of repairs can set you a few thousand in a week.

If you cycle  to work everyday the only problem that you have is the bad (bed) weather. You got no gas, no parking and most importantly no traffic.  A Cyclist would  rather sweat it out while riding his bike to work rather than waiting around 20 mins in line for a jeepney ride or risking his life riding a bus and gets robbed by just 2 armed men,  or taking the #MRT Challenge at rush hour!   (which includes staling MRT coaches, if you're unlucky enough and get late for work) I strongly recommend this over any public transport we have now in the Metro.

TRAFFIC THEN:  Escolta traffic 1900  pic taken from the Paterno collection

TRAFFIC NOW: pic taken from last month's edsa traffic caused by an accident on C5

 That is if EDSA is on a bumper to standstill like whats happening during rush hour and every Friday and payday.
if you factor in everything, it will boil down to which is better for humanity and the answer is obvious.

if everyone does the bike for short trips, car for long trips,  there would be no traffic, a lot less air pollution and probably no more heart attacks. 
If your office has a shower room, lockers and a place to park bikes, you need to bike to work everyday and drive only on the weekends. biking is fun. But…..
Can you include these factors?  (1) sweat - pawis, (2) (dust) - alikabok, and (3) dust+rain = a little mud, (putik) factor, especially when you wear a blazer, polo, tie, and leather shoes to work? 
If your office has a shower room, lockers and a place to park bikes, id bike to work everyday and drive only on the weekends. biking is fun.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out

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