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Saturday, April 11, 2015

my MIAS 2015 experience

Carlos Gono's MOTUL booth with  their  weapons , to test your might

On April 9 to 12 the World Trade Center in Pasay City opens its doors again for the
biggest annual carshow event for genuine car nuts of all ages. they  got all the new 
and exciting car model launches you should watch and testdrive 

Car enthusiasts and buyers all over the Philippines flocked to the World Trade Center 
as the Manila International Auto Show celebrated its 11th year, which always surpass 
its previous events in terms of scale, popularity and versatility. and as expected, the 
number of exhibitors and visitors alike reached an all-time high.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

remembering bataan

this blog should have been posted Yesterday, April 9, sorry for the late post.
our grandparents would remember April 9, as the Fall of Bataan, where close to
a Thousands soldiers died fighting for 4 months until they capitulated due to
lack of  food and critical war supplies on April 9, 1942.

then we all know the Bataan death march.... where 68K Filipino soldiers and 11K+
Americans who became the Japan’s prisoners of war were made to walk.
yesterday was the 73rd anniversary of the Fall of Bataan.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

the long holy week

Easter Sunday morning. What a peaceful, quiet time of reflection. or is it?
I hear people singing, observe people drinking, going to resorts, swimming, partying....

Holy Week is the celebrated during the week leading up to Easter. It begins on Palm
Sunday, continues on to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then finally, Easter Sunday.
this year is a long long weekend starting at April fools, until today.
"pabasa" Photo credits: Enzo Contreras

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not an april fools joke

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority refused to support the
“no-plate, no-travel policy” of LTO, yesterday holy Wednesday, April fools,
the vehicle regulator has started stopping motor vehicles having no valid plates.

last Nov 14 2013 the palace has appointed Land Transportation Office (LTO)
officer-in-charge Alfonso Tan (LTO ASEC), with this, we have the now famous
Only motorist and public transportation operators are affected with this.
friends, only LTO personels enforcers with proper uniform are allowed to apprehend you. (scanned image fr: Dan KawPeng)