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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

my 2014 yr in summary

the year 2014 is almost over now, so this is a great time to reflect on its results.
in pictures.


this is the Month  where I started joining the Friday GT of my friends from SX8 army.
met a lot of new friends with the same interest and helped each other source out parts
its the month where I discovered that my ECU is damaged, and finally fixed through
a friend.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rizal day

This is again the time of year for the Filipino Community to plan and make 
preparations  for our annual Rizal Day celebration, which will be held on  
Dec.30, 2017.  this day is a special day for us, for honoring our national hero,  
Aside from  commemorating the martyrdom of Rizal in Bagumbayan, it remind us 
that everyone can be a hero, because all our philippine heroes are not perfect, they 
live a normal eveyrday life, a colorful romantic lovelife, sometimes drunk, cheerful
and most of all I tell you, the romantic loverboy in his time.

Friday, December 26, 2014

firecrackers , fireworks, new years eve.

On New Year's Eve, the last day of the calendar year, many people around the
world cast their minds back on the events of the previous year, usually linking
them with New Year’s resolutions and new plans for the future. At the turn of
the year, they often also practise certain New Year's Eve customs and traditions.

Out with the bad, in with the good: the significance of New Year's Eve customs

Monday, December 22, 2014

the last Royal Postal Heritage Tour of 2014:INTRAMUROS

yesterday was the last day of the Royal Postal Heritage tour and auction by Filipinas
Stamp Collectors Club, I was at Philpost for the auction and after attending the auction
with 2 hours left til sundown, I went with a friend to Intramuros for some more history.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

christmas and gift giving

the organizers had just concluded the 3 day toy convention, wherin  parents flock to
the 2 halls opf Megatrade to visit their  favorite toy booth, to buy presents for themselves
mostly. and for their children and god children. GIFTS. they are associated w/ Christmas.
today is Dec the 15th. salary day. perfect for that Christmas shopping and traffic agony.

its 10 days to go before Christmas its the season of gift giving , Christmas parties, going
to the Mall, kids to the toystore, your  amusement parks and resorts and swimming.

for companies, its the start of the merry making gift giving, monito monita, kris kringle
exchange gifts. I thought before , whoever  invented gift giving during this time of the
year will be the richest inventor dead.

Friday, December 12, 2014

3 days of Christmas toycon 2014

the Christmas Toy Convention is upon us, kids, adult, young at heart, collectors flock
Megatrade yesterday for the first  day of Christmas Toy con.

December 12, its the first day of the Christmas Toycon for this yr, 2014.  this will be more
of a photoblog page. There is a lot of merchandise on sale at megatrade halls 1 and 2, From
customized t-shirts to a photoshop tablet drawing session,  name it, the christmas toycon
has got it. FUNKO POP distributed by Bigboys is also there, these Conventions is a
good venue for online sellers to get a chance to do meet ups with their clients, this time, the
halls of megatrade will be a venue for toy club and hobbyist christmas party.

and dont forget to drop by RETRO TOYS for that childhood dream toy you
would always ask your parents to buy but cannot afford. its time to buy it

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

christmas toycon starts tomorow

Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, popularly known to us geeks as ToyCon will  start tomorow

Its 13 days before Christmas and to celebrate that,  Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies
Collective Inc, the organizers Toys and Collectibles Fair is back for its 9th year!
Its more than just a toy convention there is also a Christmas party venue for
all hobbyist, collectors.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

deadly storms of December

from the years after 2008, we have seen typhoons that can only be seen in holywood
perfect super storm movies. the weather patterns are different now, before christmas,
before the year ends,  we are always visited by the last batch of deadly super typhoons.
I never heared of signal no. 4 when I was growing up. this is new to me. but after
Haiyan(2013), the pictures from socialmedia gave a different meaning to the term
supertyphoons, now, I know the extent of damage a 200+kph gust can bring. and
the new term called Storm Surge.

Monday, December 1, 2014

is winning really everything? the Autoliker

Please forgive me for my rant. I recently blogged about a wonderful contest that
gives car enthusiast a chance to win a new washover this Christmas. this is a
great chance for everyone. once selected, you only need to get the most number
of likes, and celebrate using the likes you harvested. simple & fun.  if the LIKES
are really human clicks...........

my friend Veejay Del Rosario from a group which am a member of
called FEROZA-PH recently joined a contest wherein the winner  will
get a fresh coat of paint,- Sponsored. similar to the popular PIMPMYRIDE show
of mtv.  the rules of the contest is simple, get the most number of likes and
shares in 4 days and win 25,000 worth of  paint products , bragging rights
and a feature in their website. cool? yes sure is!

my friend is leading for the first few days, me and my friends campaigned for him,
you see, in this group, we are all family, we all go out of our way to help a friend
in whatever way we can. and we are having good progress! but late at night
in the last few hours into the contest, we lost not by a hundred likes, but by
3000 likes! however, we lead  in the number of genuine shares. and we have
1300+ genuine likes! no question about it, by the rules, Veejay is the winner.
in my book, he is my winner, with more than 1300 likes and more than 500 shares
but the judges decision is based  on the number of most likes , and he ranked third.

what happened here?
my answer.

Bonifacio day in Monumento

this is actually a late post, since today is the first day of December, the countdown to
the 12 days of  Christmas,  this should be posted yesterday the 151st birthday born
(11.30.1863) of our Supremo and first President, Andres Bonifacio y de Castro.

some history:
the only existing photo taken on his wedding day

born in Nov. 30, 1863 Catalina De Castro (Bonifacio's mother) and Santiago
Bonifacio (Bonifacio's father) decided to name their son Andres to St. Andrew who is
celebrating his feast day the same date that Bonifacio was born.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

8th Manila Auto Salon 2014

Last Sunday Nov 23, Off-road projects and souped up, modified cars showcase
the various customization talents of Filipino tuning companies at the SMX.
with more than  150 entries at SMX , the MAS2014 proves itself once again that
filipino car modifiers and tuners are part of the booming customized car business.

With the 8th installation of the popular Manila Auto Salon, Modified, souped up cars
and trucks once again grace the halls of SMX, MOA,  the Manila Auto Salon
started last 20th of November, 2014 until the 23rd.

I went there on a sunday, (last day) with my friends, sibblings Keren, Jemai
and Archie. the event brings together an array  of souped up coupes, sports cars,
modified tricked out ordinary sedans and off course my favorite, the 4x4 off roader
trucks all under one big convention.

visit to the money museum

Last Monday I was toured by a friend  who is the grandson of  the former
BSP Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. (19 January 1984 - 19 February 1990 ),
through him I got the rare opportunity to enter the museum and got an exclusive
private tour with no visitors.

the museum, located at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex along Roxas
Boulevard near Pablo Ocampo Street (formerly Vito Cruz). its across the
Manila Yacht Club and diagonal to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Monday, November 24, 2014


a few of my friends know this, but am a philatelist since 1983. me and my brother inherited
my mom's collection and as kids my age enjoyed streetfights and brawls on the streets outside
Grace Park, we were exposed to playing Chess and collecting stamps at an early age.
fast forward to 2014,  I started to join Lawrence Chan's group called the
Philippine Philatelist and Collectibles , here  I met a group of wonderful people and friends
philatelist, bloggers who have helped me a lot in this journey.

trivia that I learned this year from Lawrence's Walk with Chan tours.
first stamp: London(1840) second stamp: Spain (1850), PHil. (1854)
The stamp was first adopted by the Philippine Islands in February 1854, with the first 
adhesive stamp printed in Manila featuring Queen Isabella II of Spain. About 120,000 
copies of the stamps were produced in P10 denomination and another 5,000 pieces 
of the special souvenir sheets printed in sand varnish.

As we approach the end of 2014, the new sets of  stamps released for postage and
collectors use is featured in the event called "#2015 Stamp Calendar launch" me and
my blogger friends attended, we were invited by Lawrence and I confirmed with
Marla Espiritu that Im attending the event at the 2nd floor of Bayleaf, Intramuros.(Muralla)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a visit to the national museum

The National Museum of the Philippines (Filipino: Pambansang Museo ng Pilipinas)
is  the official repository established in 1901 as a natural history museum of
the Philippines. its located next to Rizal Park and near Intramuros in Manila.

the National Museum housed the national arts gallery,  found in the old congress
building. The building was originally intended as a Public Library before.
On July 16, 1926, the building was formally inaugurated. During the World War
II, the building was heavily damaged. it was rebuilt after the war.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Philatelist night@philpost

If you follow my blog regularly you have probably noticed that, recently, I haven’t 
been blogging about Philately. well, because am sad of how Philippine Philately
has evolved, from the time my grandparents, parents, aunties, teachers are collecting
to the turn of the century , where most of  the young generations care about are
gadgets,  getting famous, early relationships, online pffporn, socialmedia, early 
Exesperience, and concerts.

The month of November was declared as the National Stamp Collecting Month by 
virtue of Presidential Proclamation 494 signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos.
since the first Collectors night held last yr at the same venue, its now a yearly event
for philatelist, dealers and enthusiasts.

Bih-Zahr RestoBar

bizarre - the word is pronounced as Bih-Zahr, meaning unusual.   
2 nights ago, on Nov 8, I was invited by my blogger friend
lifestyle blogger Axl of Axlpowerhouse, to check out a new  hangout
area for barkadas, for car clubs, for bigbike clubs and for friends to
just chill out and have fun. this is my first time to blog about a
restaurant-bar, its called the Bih-Zahr Restobar 

located in #6 Sct Boromeo cor Quezon Ave(the side going to EDSA) its open
from 6pm - 4am. call 0917 806 4806

they accept events for mini carshows , mini carshow babes sexy pageant
@ 30k consumable. they have live bands, and a schedule of what crowd
they have everyday.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Save El hogar

Responding to a call to save El Hogar from getting demolished by evil
we gathered today to support this cause. for the first time, at 2pm, Ive
met famous personalities in social  media heritage fighters, conservationist,
panoramic photographers, celebrity tour guides, and celebrity admins of
heritage historical Old manila social media pages like Manila Nostalja
and Memories of Old Manila.

Question: How many are the heritage infrastructure in Metro Manila that Heritage
Conservationists before us wanted to preserved yet was ordered to demolish by
either developers? or the new evil businessman-owners?

ancestral heritage houses in San Nicolas

Today, We talk Ancestral houses in San Nicolas. one of the sixteen areas in 
Manila located at the west central part of the capital, on the northern bank of 
Pasig River.
bloggers note: full of pictures, i appologize in advance 

This community has kept its 19th-century ancestral houses, well, around 20% of it, intact.
which symbolizes the wealthy lives of the people who used to live there just like the 
ancestral houses of Vigan City.

Join me, as I share what I saw through the lens of a crappy camera phone.
the Starmobile D1

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anzahl: The choice of winners

Im planning to have my daihatsu Feroza Repainted as a reward for all the years of
service as my delivery truck, as a weekened heritage tour vehicle, it can go to places
other cars cannot. it can bring adventure  only found in action films.all in one package!
Ive heared from TopGear that  Century Chemical Corp is having a contest for the most
shares and likes via Anzahl facebook page on Social media and the winning car will be
awarded a 25,000 paintjob hows that? should I join?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Shopping tips for the Holidays

Early Christmas shopping doesn't have to be last-minute. 
If you have a plan set you can be more effective, save 
money, enjoy this yrs Christmas 2014.

Pay in 1000 bills cash. if you have loose 5hundred bills, accumulate them,
and go to the bank and change your accumulated 500 and 100 bills to newer
crisp sounding 1000.00 bills. i promise you, you will think twice in spending
those. accuulate your 1000 bills every week, to lets say 50k 100k and bundle will control your spending bundle it in such a way that you will think twice
in opening that 250k bundle youve saved in 3 months.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Special: NDE & OOBE

Before the Halloween season ends today, I'll  talk  about  OOBE and NDEs.
during the early days of (Bulletin Board systems) or BBSing, before proboard
forums exist, thers offline mail readers, and there are messaging threads,
one such thread is about the unknown and I have learned alot about two
things I fear the Out of body experiences and nightmares, "Bangungot " and
the  Near Death Experience.

Nov 2: Tracing All souls day

did you enjoyed the Halloween week? How are the Costume parties and trick or
treating a few days ago? today marks the last day of  the Halloween season.

Some readings I have found on the internet about Nov. 2 and I quote

"Although there is some evidence for a Christian liturgical feast akin to our All Souls 
Day as early as the fourth century, the Church was slow to introduce such a festival 
because of the persistence, in Europe, of more ancient pagan rituals for the dead
When we discuss the Feast of All Souls, we look at a liturgical commemoration 
which pre-dated doctrinal formulation itself, since the Church often clarifies only that 
which is being undermined or threatened. The first clear documentation for this 
celebration comes from Isidore of Seville (d. 636; the last of the great Western 
Church Fathers) whose monastic rule includes a liturgy for all the dead on the day 
after Pentecost. [4] St. Odilo (962-1049 AD) was the abbot of Cluny in France 
who set the date for the liturgical commemoration of the departed faithful on 
November 2. "

Today, Nov 2, our All souls day happens to fall on a sunday, which is an unusual thing.
for Catholics, what does this mean in the catholic faith? Ritual Masses are forbidden
on All Souls Day. that means if you celebrate baptism, confirmation, anointing of the
sick, ordination, or a wedding you must use the readings and Mass prayers for All Souls.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A luxury - till death

Its the week before All souls day,  known in most countries as Haloween, well, is it ok to
write about  what scares us? ghost? elementals? demons? personally, I dont quite believe
in ghost, what you CANNOT see wont scare you. neither do I dig the supernatural creatures
of the night like the segmenters(manananggal) and the aswang.

Im not scared of horror movies either, I've watched particularly every horror genre to
date. what we dont know and understand, will definitely  scare us. in the spanish
period, the friars used beings like the "manananggal", "aswang" the "kapre" to scare
town folks so that   they dont wonder around at night. later, these scare tactics are
used by parents to stop  their naughty children from hanging out at night, thus the
old people saying  "may mumu dyan!!"

what scares people  then? is it the dark? or being alone during the time of death?
each person has their own phobia.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walk with Chan: Manila Chinese Cemetery by foot

Arch at the Manila Chinese Cemetery credits to

There is a Chinese Cemetery which  was founded in the mid-1850's by Lim Ong
and Tan Quien Sien for Chinese who were not permitted, at that time, to be buried
in the Catholic cemeteries.  its called 華僑義山 , or Manila Chinese Cemetery

The cemetery covers 54 hectares of land. On Saturday, Oct 25, friend and tour
guide  Lawrence Chan conducts another series of his successful but stressful free
guided tours called Walk with Chan.(a similar cemetery tour can be found here)

tours by foot : Walk with Chan, La Loma Catholic Cemetery

In the boundaries of Manila and Caloocan near R. Papa sits one of Manila's oldest
big cemeteries- the Campo Santo De La Loma.

Its almost a wk before Haloween, and This morning as we enter the world beyond
and gain a true cemetery experience. care of Walk with Chan, Get ready to be
wowed by the resting places of Manila's dead, from a few hundred yrs ago til
present.and uncover a unique side of Filipino and Chinese Culture.
Note:a similar Cemetery tour can be found here by clicking this

Thursday, October 23, 2014

90s gem: the Galant rayban

Style and substance. A good design is one of a sedans main selling points
the 90s era is the time where a few aggresively good looking cars started
their phil debut.

here are some that tops my list.
1.  99 civic siR 2. hyundai coupe 3. mit eclipse 4. 96 acord 5.galant 6g
6. galant vr 7.  altima 8.corona Exsior 9 cefiro a31  10. civic eg

A Stock galant looks aggressively intimidating and packs power and respect in
one package(during those days) , I remember after sitting as a passenger of my
friend Manuel Jamera in his white v6 galant  driving along white plains.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Walk with Chan: ESCOLTA- queen of Manila's Streets

Escolta- the oldest business district of Manila, a congested narrow thoroughfare
five blocks long parallels manila  between plaza Moraga and plaza goiti.
Real  Manila cant be found in Eastwood Libis, BGC , Ayala Center, or the big malls
that dot the metropolis, just as Manila, the capital, cannot be compressed along
Dewey Boulevard and its fancy hotels and restaurants.

Today, Lets talk about the Queen of Manila Streets, ESCOLTA.

Friday, October 17, 2014

outbreak Assault (Morato)

“ The Outbreak Manila Horde has left humanity’s existence in peril.  There are also people who tried to interfere and shape the battle to conform with their own agenda.  Humanity strikes back and gets armed with air soft rifles to give them a better chance at survival.  Be part of the fight for survival. “ -OUTBREAK ASSAULT

SEEN THE  outbreak video  ? enjoyed? yeah, me too. that is why I want to try it out myself.

The zombie event management group called Outbreak Manila has teamed up with, 
KultaCamo Systems and Team Redwing for a one of a kind zombie simulation experience 
called Outbreak Assault.
You plus 9 of your friends(or from one of the people registered) are put  on a tiny six floor 
abandoned creepy building siege of what once was the Center for Disease Control and 
Prevention Building (CDCP). Together with a military guide.  they will arm you with rifles and 
pistols on a mission to clear floor after floor of any flesh eaters.
for first timers, These are not the slow moaning and groaning type of zombies. they chase, and 
play with you.

first time Outbreak Manila organized a zombie shoot em up simulation similar to Valve's LEFT4DEAD franchise"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY car cleaning

Car care products like car body kits are essential products for cars, people should be
careful about their cars service and other requirements, it's important for a car's long life.

We all  want to own a car that looks aesthetically pleasing and clean
all the time. right? This is why we buy car wash products that will enhance and
preserve its appearance and prolong its life as well.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

pinoy honda city community

The SX8 City was Honda’s ‘economical car’ specially designed for the ASEAN market during the downturn of 1996/1997. debutted on Honda showrooms in Manila around 1996.  since the honda city became a hit to the working class professionals, many people started making it their first car. as owning honda accords were considered a luxury then, many of my friends in the buy and sell has the honda city
as their personal daily driven car, with fuel consumptions at an economical 15km/liter on average driving and 10km/liter spirited driving. 

I got the chance to own one before the turn of the century in 1999 from my first girl friend. during that time, no afermarket parts were available, and there were a few tuning shops I know of,  I met a few friends like FrB from Oliver Go from FusionR  and login to forums like {R-toyz of Bon). Ferman Lao of Speedworks Engineering owns and drives a City as a Rally car.

since I joined the (HCP) Honda Club of the Philippines back in 2002(during my days working at trendmicro), I became a forumer, reading reviews, articles and news about the first generation honda city that time the SX8 typeZ was out with vtec!
I became active with an HCP  subgroup (from the hcp forum board) for honda city SX8 owners, from there, I met a new friends , attended a few HCP GEBs , met even more friends with the same passion and hobby. -setting up and making our Honda City looked good. and drive much better. and after a few years got my membership as an officially member of HCP under Pres. Juno.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

its BbbbBlogapalooza2014!

Yesterday me, and my good blogger friends, Lawrence, John, Philip got together
and met at Philpost lobby, attended a PHOTOWALK tour along escolta, intramuros
afterwhich we all agreed to drive our trusty lil red offroad truck called
tonkaJR (FEROZA) w/ the (V8 sound)  to attend this yrs event for Bloggers,
by entrepreneur. -the BLOGAPALOOZA 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

tools for the next traffic jam

Think your daily commute is grueling? Let’s put it into proper perspective:
Highway 54, known today as EDSA(after the 1986 Revolution) got a big hell
of a bad  traffic just yesterday in Makati Magallanes , crawling to a almost
3 hours drive from BGC to Rockwell, and 1.5 hour from Makati to Rockwell,
EDSA having the absolute worst traffic in the nation, the Philippines didnt rank
among the world’s most traffic-clogged cities. Motorists in the City of Manila,
and Edsa yesterday may think they spend half their lives sitting in traffic, but
data shows that commuters in the most congested city in the world – Moscow –
suffer an average delay of 76 minutes per hour driven during peak travel times.
In other words, a trip that might otherwise take 60 minutes will take well over
two hours during rush hour.

commuters across the globe spend an average of eight days of their lives stuck in
traffic jams over the course of a year, which is more than enough to eat up the
equivalent of a week’s “vacation” sitting behind the wheel.

These are the 10 cities in the world with the most congested traffic:
1. Moscow  2. Istanbul 3. Rio de Janeiro  4. Mexico  5. São Paulo

heavy rains caused massive traffic jam in Makati  picture from a reader in TopGear


causing massive  traffic  picture from a reader in TopGear

we have experienced mega traffic jams just this yr. 2014  in my lifetime.
the first one happens just this yr when the truck ban was lifted in the City,
with a bad railway system, which is supposed to manage hauling of the container;
the job was given to trucking companies, all the trucks from the ports of Manila
used all 3 lanes causing  a mass jam. yes, of epic proportions.

The traditional responses to congestion, such as building new roads or widening
existing ones are no longer proving to be effective. the proposal of phasing out
old 15 yr old vehicle and banning them on the road is outright dumb, and the no
private vehicles on EDSA proposal is stupid. thats not a sign of "progress"
I ask you, now, is traffic a sign of progress? or was that a joke to entertain?

Motorists living in any of the most congested cities would be well advised to
invest in a top-notch sound system download a library’s worth of audio books,
equip your car with wifi, google maps, and WAZE navigation on yor tablet.
to help pass the time as pleasurably as is possible.  the WAZE app,
you could see real-time traffic updates from friends and fellow travelers ahead of
you, they can actually chat and post messages like "hey dont go there"
and showing faster routes that others are taking.  once installed
on your android equipped tablet, having a GPS with real-time traffic can often
help indicate the proverbial roads less traveled as alternatives to sitting traffic
taking public transportation is not an option in this country since thieves and
snatchers will have more time to plan their attack.

picture taken from TopGear credits to the author

long lines of traffic  from dusk til dawn. credits to a reader who uploaded the photo to TopGear

if you love motorcycles, another alternative is to read this.

this is your loveboy DENNIS signing out