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Monday, November 3, 2014

Shopping tips for the Holidays

Early Christmas shopping doesn't have to be last-minute. 
If you have a plan set you can be more effective, save 
money, enjoy this yrs Christmas 2014.

Pay in 1000 bills cash. if you have loose 5hundred bills, accumulate them,
and go to the bank and change your accumulated 500 and 100 bills to newer
crisp sounding 1000.00 bills. i promise you, you will think twice in spending
those. accuulate your 1000 bills every week, to lets say 50k 100k and bundle will control your spending bundle it in such a way that you will think twice
in opening that 250k bundle youve saved in 3 months.

Have a plan for paying off your operating expenses,  If you overspent last
year,  (yes I know I did, I souped up 2 cars! huhu).
it's time to cut back. But slashing your budget in half can be like trying to
quit looking at pretty girls,it doesnt work, and chances are, you'll get frustrated.
and make you feel much worse than before. instead come up with a goal, example.
eat less outside, do not hangout and socialize everyday, cut it, make it every
month.  do not do the off-roading hobby every month make it just twice every yr
since joining  in "mild" trails will often bring your car to the repair shop just in the
name of the  luxurious hobby (only senior citizens or single mid 40 guys can afford).
Make a goal, make up your mind by cutting down on your luxurious expenses by
25% and focus on paying your much important operating expense like sample,
I SHOULD be paying my bills before Chinese new yr, focus earlier.

Know your Enemy.
Keep a running tally of your credit-card spending. When you come home from a day
of buying car parts, toys, or any of your vice-hobby, immediately subtract what you've
spent from your checking-account balance. (if you may have one). it give you a visual
record of how much you've spent, and ensures that you'll have enough money in the
account to pay the credit cardbill (coming next month) when it arrives. important is focus
on the operating expense first. your business' earnings shouldnt be the one paying for
your luxurious "car-vice".

Many people carry as many as five bank cards in their wallets and don't always know
what the interest rate is on each card. I've junked my Credit cards for this If you
overspent last year, it's time to cut back.

But slashing your spending swiping budget in half can be like trying your best not to
look at that pretty curvilicious chick. its hard, but you should do it again, I've junked
my credit cards for this. to prevent me from making unlimited swipes.

Plan your gift. do your plan
I set aside money for cash gifts as early as the ber months, to the gasoline boy, the
pedicab boys in 2 corners around  the area (gen. simon, natividad st.) to my close
neighbors, to the jeepney drivers hanging around my shop, the trash collectors,
out-of-town nephews  my barber, and 23 godchildren.  That way those presents
don't have to come out of my December shopping budget.(usually shop for car parts
and accesories).

how about giving gifts for a person who wants nothing?  well, for me? either
he is shy, or doesnt want to let you spend, a person have to like or love someting.
give him the cutest  poster of  Maria Ozawa would be nice!

Decide on what you are comfortable with. Keep a general idea of how much
you will spend on each person. Don't buy items ahead of time that will go out
of date quickly, like foods, cakes, or video games.

Early Christmas shopping doesn't have to be last-minute.
If you have a plan set you can be more effective, save money,
and enjoy the Christmas season more. this is your LOVERBOY
DENNIS signing out. Happy Shopping.  Nov 4, 2014

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