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Monday, November 24, 2014


a few of my friends know this, but am a philatelist since 1983. me and my brother inherited
my mom's collection and as kids my age enjoyed streetfights and brawls on the streets outside
Grace Park, we were exposed to playing Chess and collecting stamps at an early age.
fast forward to 2014,  I started to join Lawrence Chan's group called the
Philippine Philatelist and Collectibles , here  I met a group of wonderful people and friends
philatelist, bloggers who have helped me a lot in this journey.

trivia that I learned this year from Lawrence's Walk with Chan tours.
first stamp: London(1840) second stamp: Spain (1850), PHil. (1854)
The stamp was first adopted by the Philippine Islands in February 1854, with the first 
adhesive stamp printed in Manila featuring Queen Isabella II of Spain. About 120,000 
copies of the stamps were produced in P10 denomination and another 5,000 pieces 
of the special souvenir sheets printed in sand varnish.

As we approach the end of 2014, the new sets of  stamps released for postage and
collectors use is featured in the event called "#2015 Stamp Calendar launch" me and
my blogger friends attended, we were invited by Lawrence and I confirmed with
Marla Espiritu that Im attending the event at the 2nd floor of Bayleaf, Intramuros.(Muralla)

I thank the Management of  PhilPost headed by Chairman Cesar Sarino ,
Postmaster Gen. maam Josefina M. Dela Cruz, the philatelic
chief  Madam Elenita San Diego, and  Mr. Enrique Tagle Manager,
Business lines Department, for organizing this event for bloggers and media.
Marla Espiritu(Philpost), ME, Lawrence , Jimmy Ang (APO President), Santi (antique relic collector) and his friend a professor from Admu (other blogger friends not yet in picture)

yes! bloggers are now tapped. in promoting philately.
2015  promises to be an exciting expensive year for a stamp collector like me, as every
design (specially the papal stamps) are special and ill add them to my collection.

Efforts have been made to promote this ancient hobby for kings called Philately
like the monthly stamp club meeting of FILIPINAS STAMP COLLECTORS CLUB
And APO PHILATELIC CLUB and Royal Postal Heritage Tours by Lawrence Chan
and the stamp talks by Rey Ong, prmoting this hobby for the next generation of RARE
young collectors. (since most youngsters prefer to have the latest gadgets and trek to
concert grounds, resorts, and the supermalls or coffee shops than to philpost)

I would like to suggest that Philpost have a NEWBIE Philatelist section wherin
newbies enter as a curious  walk in, interested in this hobby, various books, information
about the hobby can be found inside, including a lounge wherein philatelist can hold
meetings inside , stamp clubs can have their meetings also, and various items like
tongs, tweezers, stamp albums can be purchased by interested philatelist.
and they get their philatelist's "level" as they progress. can we do that??

Oh, before I forget, its time to tell you what happened yesterday...
Here are some of the major activities of the event. (after the prayer, a little long version of
the national anthem, the introductory opening remarks)

Awarding ceremonies

The winning design was made by student Don Bryan Michael Bunag from Bulakan, Bulacan.
Another winning entry in the student category from the same province was for Mark Leo Maac
frm. Malolos, who drew the Pope with a red background.

In addition, entries for the professional category came from Dave Arjay Tan and
Salvador Banares Jr.(Valenzuela). Tan’s work showed a smiling pontiff with the
Philippine flag at the background, while the work of Bañares showed a figure holding
a child in front of the sketch of the pontiff. they won against 800+ entries.

Postmaster General Josefina Dela Cruz said the four winning designs will be used for
the “Pope Francis Visit to the Philippines” stamps, and will be launched January2015.

The stamps might be sold for P10 each. PHLPost will be printing more than the usual
100k copies (105,000pcs) of the papal visit stamp, it will draw much following from
the public, especially since Pope Francis is coming close to the popularity of
pope Karol Józef Wojtyła.

after our lunch,  the program continues with the

Unveiling of the 4th quarter stamp issues including the Pasko stamps 
now, Filipinos sending snail mail  for the holidays can match them with fitting stamps
for the occasion.

The "Pasko 2014" special stamps are now available in 4 designs, in P10 denominations.
A Filipino-themed Nativity,Children at Christmastime, A child paying respect to a
grandparent and A Christmas feast. cool eh?

Philpost launches the S.E.L.Y.O. magazine and gave free copies to bloggers & TV
media. this magazine will be for philatelist.

and a video presentation

Finally the closing remarks and the picture taking followed after. so far, this is the
best promotion Philpost has presented, to bloggers and the media, aside from
the Collector's night.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out, till next event.


  1. nice meeting you po