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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bih-Zahr RestoBar

bizarre - the word is pronounced as Bih-Zahr, meaning unusual.   
2 nights ago, on Nov 8, I was invited by my blogger friend
lifestyle blogger Axl of Axlpowerhouse, to check out a new  hangout
area for barkadas, for car clubs, for bigbike clubs and for friends to
just chill out and have fun. this is my first time to blog about a
restaurant-bar, its called the Bih-Zahr Restobar 

located in #6 Sct Boromeo cor Quezon Ave(the side going to EDSA) its open
from 6pm - 4am. call 0917 806 4806

they accept events for mini carshows , mini carshow babes sexy pageant
@ 30k consumable. they have live bands, and a schedule of what crowd
they have everyday.

upon entering the area you will be greeted by a tall gorgeous lady named....

sorry for the red eye shot. I made this pic smaller,  because am just using a crappy camera-phone 
and heres are my  interior shots

the bar area where you can order their signature drinks

they have parking space for around 12 cars in front and across Bih-Zahr

and here is where the live band performs

their menu

and the foods

you’re never too old to get into the spirit of partying, let’s face it, am 40+
but still loving hehe  Bih-Zahr Restobar may be a new player in the field but having tried
some of their cookings, they know their game and their market very well. imagine a bar
for LGBT where else can you find one in QC? where else but in

#6 Sct Borromeo St. QC

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis  Signing out

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