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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Save El hogar

Responding to a call to save El Hogar from getting demolished by evil
we gathered today to support this cause. for the first time, at 2pm, Ive
met famous personalities in social  media heritage fighters, conservationist,
panoramic photographers, celebrity tour guides, and celebrity admins of
heritage historical Old manila social media pages like Manila Nostalja
and Memories of Old Manila.

Question: How many are the heritage infrastructure in Metro Manila that Heritage
Conservationists before us wanted to preserved yet was ordered to demolish by
either developers? or the new evil businessman-owners?

this is el hogar before

Aside from being the first earthquake proof building built during the pre war era
used by the Japanese during the occupation, surviving the Second World War,
the details inside and outside is grandeur. want to see?

the Republic Act No. 10066 or National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 states that
the modification or demolition of properties aged 50 years old and above needs
the consent of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts period.

with this danger in our minds, we have asked the help of DigiScript. to scan the whole
building before everything is too late.

a portable 3D DIGISCRIPT laser scanner which supports standard surveying procedures,
such as instrument setup over a known point, height-of-instrument measurement, and
instrument orientation.

Any exposed surface can be remotely captured in minutes to form a dense and accurate
3D point cloud.

this is Digiscript scanner in action

a DLSR shot for the panoramic view.

According to Republic Act No.10066 or the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009,
before El Hogar could be demolish it should be consented first to the (NCCA) as
well as to Heritage Conservation Society (and HCS-Y) demolish or not; it should
have the approval and evaluation first of the latter commission and society.

The campaign to save the structure has also gone online through many Facebook page
links, blogs.

Obviously, buildings built during the Spanish and American colonial periods are
covered by this law. And it is bewildering how your local building official has been
issuing these permits for prewar heritage without the written approval of the NCCA

There is a process that must be followed before a demolition permit is granted. This
 process is in place to help protect the last few remaining significant heritage structures
in Manila.

Section 5 states that modification or demolition of properties at least 50 years and 
older need the consent of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). 
That means  that this year, buildings built in 1962 or earlier are protected by law and 
that the NCCA needs to evaluate its significance first before a permit to demolish is 
granted, if ever it is granted.

EL HOGAR can still be saved (from the legions of Doom) with your help. Luneta Hotel
and Juan Luna e-services bldg. are one of my good examples. I know Cobankiat Bldg is
safe too.write to NCCA now. put a marker of protection so as to declare El Hogar as
a heritage site! before its too late. the locals(there) Selling BBQ told us that "work is being
done at night", the bldg is being demolished from the inside!

thanks to friends from social media, heritage fighers unite, let us all join hands in saving
this heritage building from the legions of Doom, be vigilant. and write to NCCA.
call on NHCP to declare this as a heritage structure.
before its too late!!!

this is your LOVERBOY DENNIS signing out.    Nov 9, 2014

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