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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Let there be light.

If you’re someone who is out and about on the road quite often, you will notice
that when driving on provincial highway at 60kph and up,  we experience
some difficulty with our vision, but it really is our headlights. not our eyes.
last week  I met a friend from Manila Auto Club and I  was convinced by
the post of another friend from VitaraClub (Gerom Aquino) and his post
convinced me to get one from Jhun. it so happens that there was a LaSalle
Carshow organized by Allandry Tan, (LASALLIAN LEAQUE 2K17)so I
dropped by and met new friends (Jeff of Alton Car repair, Mike of Denso)
who helped me install my KS70. SRP Php 5500.00  [PROMO that time]

 and so I made it happen. KS70 for my cefiro.
the output at low beam
LED light bars are taking the automotive world by storm; you can see more
and  more SUVs and off-road vehicles out there that have installed LED light
bars on  the lower bumper. These LED light bars give off a super bright output
that lights  up the road, making it very efficient for both on and off the road use.
Most people who drive a sedan don’t really get the chance to install LED light
bars onto their vehicles due to the size. However, I discovered that we can
install a headlight upgrade with KEON SONDRA KS70.

it delivers a volume of quality white light beyond ur ordinary HIDs or LEDs with
13000lumens at 55w light quality beyond any HID or LED regardless of price.
ask some of my Facebook friends who has experienced night time driving with

ks70. most have used HIDs but they wanted more this is the truth about driving
lights this kit delivers superior visual quality even on dark tints with less glare and
less eye fatigue. reward yourself this hearts day. pm sir Jhun now.
video 1
video 2
happy first day of February.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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