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Sunday, February 5, 2017

abe's farm a valentines getaway

I missed the HORTIKULTURA 2016 plant and garden show , I missed the seminars
of QCMC, I missed the MPH car show , because I cant drive myself going there. with
a calf strain I got from a bad fall 2 days ago, I got no choice but to miss my usual Sat-Sun

last week were at Batangas for a "trip to the past" today, we head off to the North with
Waze as our travel buddy,  to a property in Magalang Pampanga, with a sign that 
reads -"ABE'S FARM", now Abe is not the owner, its a kapampangan term for 
"kaibigan" or buddy (not bes ha!)

the location is isolated at the foot of Mount Arayat. however, it ads to the charm. 
the secrecy,  but sorry, there are without cable television, NO wifi, NO signal, even
with your own wifi,  less lights on the road,  so almost no communication to the outside

metropolis and it's the whole point!  A relaxing stay with no distraction! a getaway
to the virtual world for just a while.. the rooms are themed using native materials, 
with a bahay kubo touch to it! so you are surrounded by the beauty of nature in all
directions! what a way to spend time with your date! 

this is a filipino version of a countryside hideaway, a relaxing destination perfect for 
meditation or a place where you couples can have a date, this hearts day.

this farm has a restaurant(which I didnt review), because my stomach is full from Princess'
version of a happy meal hehe. the place also has a spa, pools, and a museum.

here are some of the videos I took, observe.

You can easily feel the serenity of the surroundings as there were lots of trees and 
ornamental plants. A beautifully landscaped rural retreat with 1 good restaurant, 
bahay kubo styled tropical huts, an outdoor pool,  trees with no other noise 
other than birds chirping, this is the perfect place to have your valentines date.

here is a compilation of the picture I took of the places. click on the video.

to the lovers out there, you know, some people are good at being in love, while 
some are good at love. BOTH separate different things to think about next week.
Being in love is the romantic part...
but Love begins when the excitement of being in love starts to fade............. 
and the stress of life sets in.....
the excitement disappear, and you see the worst part of both of you.....
and if you still love that person, your significant other.... again, 
if you still love the person by your side after what you have gone through, 
then that is the time you are good at LOVE. marry her!!

Advance happy hearts day everyone...
ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out...

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