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Thursday, February 9, 2017

the UCCP kissing booth

Now that we are barely days away from Valentines Day... its time to
plan early how we could set a date with that special someone important
to us.. but what if you are single and ready to mingle?
then this activity is for you!
Thanks to our home court Araneta Parking Garage south and
CHARITY EVENT! for a cause. this time, the beneficiary is
LITRO Babies Phils Inc - LIver TRansplant Operation.
poster pic credits UCCP

a few decades ago theres this so called popularity of the kissing booths
both in TV & western movies, knowing that we are a traditional, Christian
country, neither of us has been into one in real life. so sometimes, I started
wondering if they've ever really existed, or know of  anyone of my old buddies
ever encountered one...

but this is about to change this month,  on February 24. Araneta Center,
south parking. the kissing booth for you! and not for me! haha.
its not only a carshow with lots of beautiful ladies, its also an activity
for a cause. the kissing booth will be a fund raising fun activity of course, for
singles, so  those with their significant others, please. behave....

Harmless flirtation is good, and a necessary part of life even for a (single)
middle aged man. I've never seen a kissing booth in my high school days
even in college fairs in AMA COMPUTER UNIVERSITY and  I never
heard of anyone actually talk about one! Both my HS and University were BIG
on fundraising (I have been an officer in our Filipino-Chinese Student's Assn)
so the opportunity to have one was there. but it did not happen! geez!
I haven't got the chance to try it out back I've only seen them in TV
& american movies but never in real life haha!

so what to expect in a kissing booth?
here are the models you will meet and greet on that day.

EVENT HOSTED BY: Tammy Lumanglas

yes, of course it will help if you are uhmmm looking good that day! & didn't 
have bad breath, etc. A normal lookin dude might get a peck on the cheek. 
but the Hunky korean looking chinito may  get till 1st base!  who knows?
You may get some tongue and it may last about 5 seconds long. 
Depended on the kisser and the payee, of course, if he looks hot?

What kind of kiss do you get? I always assumed it was a kiss on the 
cheek...but who knows? its up to  you  better find out.if you attend on 
Feb 24. ever wonder what kind of kiss is generally exchanged? like, 
Does the person paying get a quick peck on the cheek? On the lips? or 
the 'full on tonsil hockey'? better find out...on Feb 24.
during the UCCP Valentines car show. 

common! It's just a kiss, people, not a wedding! but I've never seen a
kissing booth, LIVE!  so, to witness one LIVE.. is to attend and
join in one activity like this...

so....we will see each other on the 25th of February? 
UCCP activity for a cause.. 
you can Kiss and Hug our BLACK NINJA BABES !

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out....
advance happy hearts day.

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