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Monday, February 20, 2017

Pililia windmill farm

why go as far as Ilocos  if there is one in Rizal? and it is the same company which
operates the Bangui Ilocos Norte windmills. but this is much bigger compared to
the ones in Ilocos! Overlooking the beautiful plains of Tanay on one side &
Laguna on the other. a very good view of Laguna de Bay. promise!

after our trip to 10 Cents to Heaven we travelled to this place in Pililia
I first heared the place form my friend Joseph Ochura. and we all decided
to visit this place since we are near the area before we go back to Manila.

this will be Rizal's new attraction. in my opinion..the windmills are scattered
on the mountain 4 windmills per view area then the grassland makes for a
dramatic backdrop plus the rolling slopes around. and you can see
Laguna de bay on the other side.

Note and reminder:
the windmills are not much fun to watch after 30 minutes and after 10 or 20 shots
poses. but the site has a stunning view of Laguna Bay that most of you will never

see and for that, the trip is worthwhile. it gets better if you have a 4x4, there is a
more direct route overland. you can see a number of mountain bikers and motorcycle
club friends so you know using a 2 wheel is the best way to see and visit the place.

There are no trees in the area, so dress appropriately. in the summer, the sun
will be burn you. and if  you see rain cloud headed in your direction, uhm.. I don't
recommend going if it's raining heavily and if you drive a sedan. the road is not
paved as of now.

Compared to the Bangui windmills, these windmills are really tall plus the
area where these poles are situated makes them even taller. A total of 27
windmill turbines are on operation by: Alternergy Wind One Corp providing

renewable energy at 54MW. Pretty soon, some resort in Tanay will
offer tour packages to the windmill farm. so for now enjoy the wonderful
eye level view. FOR FREE, because they will close the road leading closer
(or this close) to the windmills when the facility starts operating. mark my word.

how to get there? uhmm. we used our friend. named WAZE. we really
dont know how to get there by map.
here are some more pictures of the area

you can inquire in the office for packages for tourist spots nearby. land tour
includes visits to Masungi Rock Formations, Daranak/Batlag Falls, Shrine
of Regina Rica, Camp Capinpin, Kalinawan Cave, Ejercito Camp , the
Century old Churches of Rizal. 4×4 Adventure can bring you a river crossing
experience, rock crawling, winching & recovery through mud, sand & rutted
tracks. water adventure involves river rafting and fishing.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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