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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

people's lodge and restaurant

During my visit to Banaue, we had lunch at People’s Lodge and Restaurant .
I'm the type that is not picky when it comes to food.

This restaurant started as a childhood dream, its managed by Esberta Terrado, 
who named it after a popular bakery in Baguio. only served lunch when it first 
started in 1980, when foreigners started visiting Banaue, the husband thought 
of  putting up rooms where they can house tourists for lodging. 
It has both indoor and outdoor seating which can seat less than  40 guests. 
they serve ONLY Filipino food, my friend Allan stayed here during their
trip to Banaue.
what did I order?
their bestselling People’s Rice which is a complete set meal that’s 
affordable and consists of chicken, red rice, mixed vegetables, banana and 
a soup for the cold weather.

When it comes to their accommodation, People’s Lodge offers the simple  
way of life, no outlet inside, so no charging station, no TV, slow wifi.
you can buy your pasalubong inside there is a mini stall for ukay ukay.
there is also a stall where printed souvenir shirt can be bought.
amazingly, there is no parking in front of their restaurant you have to
park in front of the market , staffs are grumpy, but the manager is friendly.

What makes People’s Lodge and Restaurant a good choice for the traveler 
is because they have the beautiful rice terraces for its backdrop at the outdoor 
seating of  the restaurant. A great view to see when you wake up, as you go 
with a blend of  Ifugao coffee with your breakfast. you can always sit indoor 
if you want to feel more at home.

here are the Rooms Rates.

family room              P 1500
Semi-family room     P 1200
double bed               P 750
triple bed                P 850
twin bed                 P 500
twin bed                 P 600
single bed               P 400
common room common toilet/bath P 150 / person
I know pictures are not enough, so here are the videos I  would like to share.

the view outside

So the next time you visit Banaue, drop by here, and hopefully the staffs will be
less grumpy and more friendly.
its ok to be grumpy you know , if you are pretty but...
oh well..
People's :Lodge, I will be back....
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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