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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tantin: hottest SheCanic at your service

Meet 21-year-old Tantin San Simon Pampanga. one day can take your car’s engine
apart and put it back together again.
I can say, she is the only Female SheCanic in this part of town.

yes, your eyes does not deceive you. you are now looking at the first
young, lady mechanic in Central Luzon and probably the whole Philippines.

Tantin as she is known in her neighborhood, learned her skills through
Tesda Gonzalo Puyat School of Arts and Trades, located at San Luis Mexico
Pampanga. she studied for 6 months. these are her training pictures.
she shares that electrical is the most difficult part of troubleshooting.

I knew I was looking at something special the moment I saw these photos of
female mechanic which appears in my Facebook notification.

What a man can do, a woman can also do. you see male mechanics everywhere,
no women. and I say it’s good for Tantin to take on the role, and one day, open
up her own shop. she knows the gears, the components, the radiator, and is not
afraid to get messy and greasy. If your car fails, she knows how to fix it.

Women are generally more petite, have smaller features, and this would be a big
advantage if you were an auto mechanic in a lot of situations. Having small hands and
arms might make a job possible to do in a short amount of time for a woman, but a
man would take a lot longer as he'd have to remove stuff that is in the way. and thats
one of the reasons why electronic components are manufactured in Asia  Asian female
have smaller hands and fingers. And this is critical when working with very small
components in tight spaces

Today, she enjoy a great following and the number of friend request from fans are epic!
she is respected by car lovers of all ages and status, and a few weeks after this blog post
she may already be featured in Tv, and chased by media car lover fans, and for sure...
earn a spot in the magazine from TGP. also from other mechanics in the neighborhood.

While auto repair shops tend to be a male-dominated enterprise, much of their
success is driven by women. If you own or work at a shop, you know this to be true.

In this generation, we all noticed that ladies are everywhere in the auto market
we see carshow models driving their own cars, or even going to the local
tuning shops to Banawe, to local auto shows, but we never see a pretty lady
doing a man's job not for photo ops. but for real.....
photo credits: ATICUS STUDIO

Do I recommend this trade to women? Yes, if it’s an informed choice. TESDA
offers a lot of opportunity to learn great skills  for people at a very affordable price
Forewarned is forearmed. It’s a challenging career. and there’s pride in meeting that
challenge. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Her family is into auto servicing , auto mechanic ON CALL. and she has
2 supportive brothers who are into automechanic,  and constantly guides her
to her hobby, the shop name is "MARK MOTORS" and they can be reached
through this number      09952553213  and 09328620229. 

her sibblings are well known to do ON SITE ON service to motorist who encounters
problems with their vehicles at TOTAL & CALTEX stations in San Simon exit
of NLEX. in the future she wants to open up a shop of her own, servicing our cars.

oh, by the way, did I mention that she is into COSPLAYING and MODELING too?

before I end this blog, I asked her via facebook chat if there are any  message
for her fans and followers, and she said.:

photo credits :  Aticus Studio

oh, by the way, this is her car.

So the next time  you see a pretty lady say, “I’ll be the technician working on
your vehicle.” be proud, because she is saying it with pride. because I have
not known any young lady mechanic in the philippines and maybe she is the only
one you will meet in your lifetime.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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