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Saturday, April 9, 2016

LAKAD PAMANA:Gapan Heritage tours

I woke up early in the morning at 4am. to meet my friend Mr. Dino for my next 
LAKAD PAMANA heritage tour. we met up at Caloocan, our service vehicle
was a bnew 3.0 Hi-ace commuter 10 seater, very comfortable, For a tour
vehicle, the Hiace will feel more luxurious than the Urvan, but the Urvan will 
cost far less to maintain in the future so you get your money's worth with both 
this tour is in two parts. this is the first part, the Heritage walk. the second part
is the Eco-tour and can be found by clicking this.   [MINALONGAO TOUR]

photos  by: Lea Barcinal

We had breakfast-Lunch at Arki's Tambayan the food was great. 
then we proceeded to our first 100 yr old ancestral house. just look  at the

picture by: Lea Barcinal

This is Arki's Tambayan. good food, friendly owners and a peaceful atmosphere
to relax.

After our quick breakfast at Arki's Tambayan, we were all full with the great food
photo by: Lea Barcinal

this is our first stop: Dr. Angelo Rosario house in Gapan. and behold the interior

pic credits : Jonathan Hernandez
 Ofie PalmaMafe DajalosAngel DelrosarioPheeyah SalonesAiz DLMarichelle Abelita SantosRheeza Santiago Hernandez and Leilani Concepcion

thanks to the mirienda from the owner of the house

before we proceed to our next stop we had our picture taken :
credits: Jonathan Hernandez

I never knew that Gapan held such architectural gems from bygone eras.
I went for like 3x already with my feroza club friends, and thought 
that Nueva Ecija was boring when it comes to tourist gems like these 
ancestral houses. thanks to LAKAD PAMANA, I was proven wrong that 

after one ancestral house, We all went to a church in Gapan...
Built in 1872, this is the baroque facade of Gapan’s National Shrine of Birhen 
La Divina Pastora. is the oldest and largest church in the province of Nueva Ecija. 
we were granted exclusive tour inside, and up the bell tower. 
the Virgen La Divina Pastora, came all the way from Spain via the Galleon 
Trade during the Spanish period.

Across Delos Reyes street, which I now call , "the Delos Reyes Street 
ancestral heritage lane", are rows of ancestral houses from prominent 
Gapan residents. 
Some heritage house are well preserved and its still being used as a residence. 
We’re quite lucky we were allowed to go inside to appreciate its beautiful 

there is this house at the corner lot of Delos Reyes St. actress Eula Valdez 
ancestral house you can see masonry on the lower level and wood on the 
second, Intricate wrought iron bars in its barandilla and also the ceiling's floral 
latticework by far the second biggest house you could see(aside from the one 
inside the church compound)

The next house from the corner lot is mediaman Joe Taruc house.

photos by Ramon Valmonte
I have a video of how this street looks like, so you can have a better view, 
looking at the images is not not enough. 

After touring beautiful ancestral houses and meeting the friendly owners, 
we went straight for a 45min drive to another tourist destination. and we are ready 
for the eco tourism tour that MisterD's budget LAKBAY PAMANA Package 
is popular for. 
We went to General Tinio, for a magnifiscent view of one of Nueva Ecija's hidden 
gems, the Minalongao National Park in Gen. Tinio town,  this is one of the places that
a few of my car loving car enthusiast friends have gone to. the 947 steps atop 
Minalongao beautiful eh?  its much beautiful 8 yrs ago. 
you should check this out... but this story will be told in a separate blog.
A tour of Gapan City’s heritage area can be arranged with 
LAKAD PAMANA (0923) 3467575.
photo credits: Ramon Valmonte
this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

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  1. this is our first stop: Dr. Angelo Rosario house in Gapan. and behold the interior tours on maui