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Monday, June 11, 2018

Toycon 2018

The 18th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectible Convention (TOYCON)
has just finished yesterday, a rainy Sunday as Domeng hits hard on Manila
but its PopLife Fan Experience last June 8 to 10, 2018 are still much alive with
crowds gathering just to see their idols  at SMX Convention Center, SM MOA
Complex, Pasay City.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Postal Heritage tour of our Selyong Pamana

Today, I missed my AHP San Miguel tour because I Attended
the Royal Postal Heritage tour of  Rence
we were toured to the 2nd and third floor and we were told of
how mail was sorted and distributed before it was delivered to
our doorstep. all worth the 12.00 per stamp.

after which we were all bought to the future venue of the stamp
we listened to the stamp talk by Rey and Dojie about the joys of philately.

at the end of the stamp talk, kids and new collectors got a chance to
bring home their first stamps, from prof. Igue Dela Fuente.
for collectors who asked questions during the tour, they are also given stamps

thanks to maam Zenaida, maam Arlene, maam Perla.

by Rey Ong. the pure simple joy we feel when collecting.

The process of searching, locating and at times,,,buying stamps from auction.

common stamps, new stamps, old stamps, rare stamps, or any other types of stamps which are needed in order to complete a specific type of stamp collection gives the stamp collector a sense of pride, success and accomplishment.

here is also a video of one of the 80 frames exhibited

just the simple and pure fun of the hunt yes, its similar to treasure hunting, and the moment of actually finding and successfully acquiring a particular stamp is a good enough reason to collect stamps.

here is a talk by Dionisio Taeza

Stamp collectors enjoy the moment when they get praised by family, teachers, friends, and other fellow collectors regarding their collections at stamp exhibits.

the feeling of joy every time someone makes a positive feedback about your stamps on facebook!

we all know that feeling as stamp collectors
because back then, we were exposed at an early age, either by our old folks, our teachers, and supported by schools
lots of materials at affordable prices (for kids) back then. lots of stamp shops everywhere,,,,

NOW, here is the big challenge for all of us...

yes, that includes your kids.( I still dont have one e,,,)


and how do we maintain this love for stamps once the kids are introduced?

3. HOW DO WE BUILD A STAMP CLUB in our local community?

efforts have been made for the past decade to bring back this
hobby and reintroduce to kids. we are getting closer.
We need to have more activities like this, with kids as our audience.
and PHILPOST, and our dealer friends as their sponsors. with this, we can
have activities like distribution of more sponsored stamp starter packs,

WORKSHOPS for children interested in developing their competition entries.
a stamp competition for kids, where they display their progress, their topical

AWARDS for the young collector of the year and to enthusiastic organizers
for outstanding service to youth philately.

In 3 more years the Philippines will celebrate 500 yrs of the founding
in 1521 , and there will be a grand celebration. I wish by then there will
be more young stamp collectors than young gadget loving kids.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Selyong pamana stamp exhibit

I freed my schedule for May 21, just to attend this event. its another
stamp exhibit titled "SELYONG PAMANA".

I was there to witness the event and meet veteran collectors
this event is sponsored by NCAA in cooperation with
PHILPOST and PPF(Philippine Philatelic Federation) and is my 
second time to attend a Stamp exhibit as a newbie Philatelist.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Selyong Pamana stamp exhibit

It was my first time to attend a stamp show through ASEANPEX, and my favorite
part of the show turned out to be the HUGE exhibit of Thematic Displays that were
shown by individuals. Using stamps, letters, and photos these displays told different
stories from every corner of the world.
and now...............
 am happy to announce another stamp exhibit happening this May 21!