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Monday, May 29, 2017

lubao bamboo hub

last Saturday afternoon we went to Pampanga, this time to look for 
another place a different kind of moment with nature, this time I was
informed that we are going to be in the company of bamboos lots of it.

Lubao, located on the province’s southwestern part, is chiefly an agricultural 
town. And local officials want to get a bigger slice of tourists looking for 
attractions in Central Luzon.
Enter Lubao Bamboo Hub and Eco-Village, I heard about it first from 
my pretty photog Jenny See and I thought oh, I need to go to this place before 
classes begins and I will be busy with work.

the journey takes us to 4 kms of unpaved dusty road and 10m mins of driving
I thought we were lost for a while. because the drive seems to go to nowhere
and we cannot see any bamboos around, only dry sand, so  we stopped 
to ask for directions because waze is not cooperating that day. it could not
locate any bamboo farm in the search entry.

then we saw what looks like a sign, so we follow that sign that leads us
to the farm.

and so we have arrived. so this is the bamboo farm Jen was 
talking about
upon arrival, I was really amazed. I mean look at the view!
everywhere you see is bamboo!
For devotees of Mother Earth like me, you could go to a relaxing Bamboo Park 
that is perfect for communing with nature. so I thought, I must free my schedule 

and go to this park. The cool sanctuary is sandwiched by a tranquil river you will
indeed love your stay here.
here are some videos you could see in the park.

Location: It is situated beside the Pampanga River and is connected to Bangkung
Mapalad in Sasmuan.
Address: Sta Catalina; 2005 Lubao, Pampanga
The Bangkung Mapalad is a mangrove islet formerly known as Pulung Malapad
formed by volcanic sediments which flew and deposited through Pasak River
during the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991. It is currently endorsed as a
bird-watching sanctuary due to its favorable location for birds to breed. yes you can
do bird watching as well!

here is another video.

bamboo trees are useful in preventing soil erosion around lakes and
flood-prone areas. also an alternative means for providing food, clothing,

and shelter you can eat and drink bamboo (juice, water or beer).

Bamboo is an Earth friend because Bamboo is a high-yield renewable
resource. There are 1,500 species of bamboo. This diversity
makes bamboo adaptable to many environments.

Bamboo functions as carbon sink. It can capture 12 tons of  carbon dioxide per
hectare every year, Bamboo has a high water storage capacity. I read that a hectare
of bamboo forest can store over 30K liters of water in its culm during rainy season
which it gradually deposits back in the soil in summer the following year.

here are some pictures my pretty photog Jen took.

" a walk in the park " yes, literally, I suggest that you take time to visit this wonderful
place. By the way, it's a long walk on the bamboo trail but don't worry, there are

huts where you can take a breather before moving forward.

 At the end of this trail, you will be greeted by a lake you Don't just enjoy the
place but understand the reason why the place exist. Hopefully, we get more

of this kind of places in Manila, but its close to impossible with a few open
spaces and lots of boring malls.

the promotion of environmental awareness should be top priority if we are to let the
future generations enjoy and appreciate its benefits.

The govt should work with local companies, communities and institutions ...
to cater reforestation and anti-erosion projects. to develop and harness the benefits of
these bamboos to provide an unmatched sustainable resource and employment
The Lubao Bamboo Hub is a  Material Recovery Facility Center turned into an
eco-tourist spot where they nurse and utilize bamboos and recycles waste materials
into useful products.

Tourists can also enjoy nature-tripping, biking, relax with massage service and fish spa,
go fishing.yes indeed! in a romantic cool afternoon setting.

Oh did I mention there are boatrides for 50 pesos, biking is 50 also
and entrance is just 10 pesos. plus pay the environmental fees of 30.00
no more parking fees.

really cheap huh? but wait till you violate their rules! like vandalism
writing on the bamboos, taking away shoots, or any form of gambling
or lovemaking in the park is prohibited! fine is 1k

 oh, you could feed the animals. not to worry.

all in all this is a good place to relax, yes its in Lubao. I wish I am near pampanga
or even Bulacan where there are so many places to go and be with nature.
its truly one of the few easily accessible eco parks in Pampanga. The entrance fee is
well worth the experience.

pretty relaxing place,  you just need to bring your own service vehicle, no suspension
modifications pls, driving a dropped car is a NO-NO. You can bring your own foods
and have a picnic under the bamboo trees.

its my #hulinghiritsataginit nature tour, after this week, will be the rainy season and
the official end of the hot summer nights. everbody will be back to school.
this means I wont be able to travel as often. maybe only on special occasions.
so expect a little lie-low on my travel blogs.

so till next travel, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis siging out

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