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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

anawangin capones nagsasa island hoping

our day started by travelling a little too early at 2am. travelling North to Zambales,
and I was told that today, will be my first time to hit the beach after 2 years
the last time was with Jen somewhere in batangas.

A feeling of fear and excitement surrounds me, I dont want to go but I would like
to take some shells for my collection without having to take a dip.

we arrived after 5 hours of driving at San Antonio wet market proper to have breakfast
and stayed there waiting for our tour guide to bring us to the beach where the bancas
would bring us to the island of capones. It is imperative that you purchase packed meals
in San Antonio because there are no restaurants,  eateries in the hidden coves of Zambales.
only 1 store in Nagsasa.

so you need to go to this public wet market and buy your stuffs, because you will
need them later when you arrive at any of the beaches an hour later.

Our trip by sea started and it began to rain, this gave me much things to worry about
like if the banca can make it. ten minutes in the open seas and it began to rain hard and
the seas became rough. and  it was one of the most intense 45-minute boat ride in my life.

and I know I do not have nine lives, the waves were quite rough even though we were
close to shore;  we were sailing in open water. I was advised that as long as we hold on to

the bamboo banca, were safe, so I did just that until my muscles got sore and my
knuckles turned white.

After lunch we proceeded to Nagsasa just off the Pundakit coast about an hr boat
ride depends on the banca. that day the weather is definitely not good for sailing.
but the show must go on!  so we proceeded even in rough sailing on open
waters. after an hour of praying and hoping the boat will make it to shore,

Finally, after almost an hour, we turned right towards a well-protected, secluded
bay which fronted a sandy shore. At last, after a hair-raising,  wet boat ride, we
reached Nagsasa Cove, our destination for the day.

Its the perfect summer destinations to unwind with its crystal clear waters and
serene mountain views.

outdoor actvities like volleyball before sundown., kayak, surfing lessons
or just a dip.

also one of the best places for sunset viewing and stargazing. but because of the
weather, there were none that night.


With the magnificent views of the sea and the captivating landscape,
Punta de Uian Resort is your ultimate relaxation haven.

The coast line of Zambales is one of the most beautiful in the Philippines, I know
you will agree with me.
 The natural beauty is unmatched. Just off shore of the resort is the Capones
islands which can be visited by boat from the resort, this is our first stop.

in addition to the unspoiled island a highlight here is the old Spanish lighthouse.
(which I didnt take any picture) doing so would only damage my camera when
I cross the 7 steps going back to the banca.

You can also explore some of the secluded coves and beaches to the south
such as the much popular Anawangin Cove . if you enjoy hiking you will find the
islands and the main land a wonderful experience.

here are the islands we have seen, each  has a unique "character" and I
want to describe each one just like how I describe a person.

Anawangin...this is along the same coastline as Pundakit, only that there are no
roads leading to it, there are hiking trails, but the only other means of access is
via banca...around 55 minutes, again depends on the banca , bankero and

how the weather affects the open seas. its almost the same as Camera cove
there are no stores, so everything you need should be brought from the market
or prepared beforehand. last boat arrives and leaves at 530pm.hard to sail

in all the 3 islands you enjoy the view,  but you need to bring everything that you need
such as food, water, theres no electricity, gadgets has no place in this island, no signal
no WIFI. .in other words, you just sit and enjoy the coastline, the sunset.

upon arrival, you can see beachgoers, all excited for a weekend of cool water, relaxing
sea breeze, and great fun with friends and romantic partners  I didn’t expect that such a
secluded cove could be so crowded. we didnt take much pictures, since all the phones
of Ann and Jen are near empty.

Nagsasa’s shoreline is now a beautiful ash-gray beach that turns almost white during noon.
From the sand grew rows and rows of agoho trees with their pine-like needles,What was
once an isolated cove has now become a popular tourist attraction, particularly for can expect a more quiet and laid-back atmosphere here. why?? Nagsasa
is farther and more challenging to get to than its more crowded neighbor, the much

this is where we sleep. our "bedroom" no aircon no CR
we need to sleep inside these tents, with beach sands inside each tent.

this is our sleeping area. this is my tent. I know I wont sleep
soundly that night because I miss my bedroom already.

and before night falls, we all witnessed the best sunset of the year.

I managed to take some shots before I get to miss my opportunity

next day, I  woke up early to witness their sunrise

this is what we call beauty from destruction. when dark clouds of ash that fell on
Nagsasa Cove 26yrs ago, Today, Nagsasa's shoreline is a beautiful beach.

after sunrise at around 630am, we were informed that we will leave early for our next
trip so I had a few minutes jog and walk along the coastline for my exercise
and bid goodbye to this island paradise. my first for this summer.

its a beautiful island, yes, no doubts about it. but it has the worst comfort
rooms around, peeing at night facing the ocean will be more fun than
gettinginside one of their shitty CR. and dont think of trying your luck

with taking a bath!  the faucet, which pumps seawater is like doggie
pee. but hey! what do you expect. this is island life, no place for creature
comforts, everybody pees and do their business anywhere in the woods.
oh well, dont expect me to get back there unless they get organized
I mean the body that handles tourism, they should not accept that many
people and just let them "poop" like dogs anywhere.

after our boatride to civilization.  we had late lunch at ohana art cafe in pandauit
nice place really artistic of the owner everywhere you look is art. love their 2 yellow
labradors, well trained, polite,. cudely.
We were just walking to theparking lot when we passed by and we're so
captivated by the designs etc so we decided to enter.
We waited a bit for our food to be served but we never get boring because not
only an art resto but also for fun they have games like chess, sunka and other activities
u can also try their fish spa, hey! believe it or not, they have a fish tank, yes its small
but it has salt water, a clown fish, a starfish and live yes, live corals!
The food is awesome too, tastes absolutely great worth the wait and value for money.
Servers also hospitable and friendly, they allow us to use their bathroom I wish
they have a branch here.

we went to Punta de Uian a beach after our lunch.
similar to Anawangin with similarly colored sand from Pinatubo
here are some pictures I took.

and we went to a sidetrip to Anvaya Cove. Las Casas in Bagac before we call
it a day. its one awesome day full of adventure, fun laughter and roadtrip.

till next tour, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out

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