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Monday, May 22, 2017

my gumaca experience

last week we were invited by Allan to visit their town,  a rich fishing ground and
the home of various living corals. a town near a bay near a buluarte with
gray sand, rocks and living corals., a town where coconut trees is all around
and mountains untouched and protected by a very strong group of people that
are living just around the area.

after 5 hours of Driving (yes, Jen drove straight from QC to Gumaca)
we arrived finally at the town of Gumaca.

May is harvest festival day in the towns of Quezon not just Gumaca
One of the country’s biggest, and most colorful harvest festival is always held
every May 15th, along with the harvest festivals of the towns of Lucban, Tayabas,
Sariaya, and Tiaong. These are the Philippines best known harvest festivals to honor
San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

Allan organized a tour for a 3 day event for 2200.00/ pax all in. its very affordable.
but I cant afford to be "absent" in my shop because I wlll loose a lot of income, for the
3 day event. so I decided to just attend one night (Sunday) and leave Monday afternoon.

we traveled separately, Ann and mommy Per catched up, we were lucky to have
hanged out together once more, this is very rare. since they are all busy.

Coming from Manila, Gumaca is the 8th town of Quezon province passing along
Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena, Pagbilao, Atimonan, Plaridel then Gumaca.
Two more towns on the south, Lopez and Calauag and you'll be right at Bicol
proper, Camarines Norte.
Aranya’t Baluarte Festival held every May 15th of the year in celebration of
San Isidro Labrador- our patron saint. It is an annual thanks giving of the town
 people for the bountiful harvests thus every barangays’ Arches which they called
Buluarte were decorated with various fruits and vegetables. first price is 150k

Gumaca is situated along Lamon Bay which separates the islands of Alabat,
Perez and Quezon from the mainland; and right behind those islands is  the
Pacific Ocean.

here are some of the pictures I took during my 1 night stay at h

Pahiyas  is deeply rooted in the traditional celebration of the townsfolk in
thanksgiving for bounty harvest. Decorations called “Kiping”, leaf-shaped &
multi-colored rice paste wafers which are used to decorate the facades of the homes
along with fruits and flowers from nature.(this only happens in Lucban)
pahiyas is different from Arana in Gumaca

today, I experienced only the Aranat sa Buluarte
this picture shows you how colorful gumaca is during the pahiyas. every yr, may15

Gumaca is not just  coconuts, rice fields, and lush greeneries, it also has
beaches, and a rich network of NPA protected forest, and another treasure.
the Martinez Family Collection.
I wont tell any details of this place I can only say this is vast. the dedication of
the owner is extraordinary. here are some of the pictures you will soon find out
as you go inside that Exciting findings continue to emerge as you discover each and
every corner of this magnificent house and its collection. its soon to become a museum
one day.

credits to Allan P. Martinez for this pic

here are some of the houses you see outside, all set to join the
fun and the mini contest  in celebration of the 2 day festival.

that night, we had dinner just behind the buluarte with the company of my
close friends picture courtesy of allan P. Martinez

the next day, part of our itinerary is to visit the town mayor, and the farm of
photo by Allan P. Martinez

Mister Martinez. he is really one humble man, imagine having a big farm and
a museum, and still manage to  live a simple life.

we went to the mayor's office and the Vice mayor toured us around since
the mayor cannot park his car.

after this we had lunch at Mr. Martinez's big farm.. we used Ann's Yaris that day.
fast, economical. and classy

 the farm is... one word. big. I wish to have one someday when I retire.

then lunch is served after this picture with sir Roy and Rovin..

after our lunch, I thanked the family for the warm accomodation and I got myself
a few souvenir items from the Martinez family collection.
including a big cactus plant! thanks very much Mr. Martinez!
and thanks to Jen and Ann for allowing me to open my eyes ones again for  another
day to appreciate nature, and its beauty.
CONGRATS again to Allan, missed Rence though... where are you during those days?

till next destination, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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