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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the puzzle mansion experience

have a look at 1028 puzzles ranging from different sizes, number
of puzzle pieces and dimensions! all in one place! 2 floors!
this is PUZZLE MANSION and this is my story.

After our trip to Prado farms, Jen invited me to go to Tagaytay, well,
we decided to check out alternative forms of enriching ourselves and
our minds that day. So...
we used waze, and was bought to this place

Fortunately, with waze, we found that the world’s biggest puzzle
collection is within reach. so with Jen's trusty Innova, we drove
inside Barangay Asisan. and so the midst of pineapple  fields
lined along Cuadra Street...we saw what seem like a sign that said
welcome something.. and so we know we are in the right path.

So, heres the Puzzle Mansion. have a look, its situated in a pinya plantation
a bed and breakfast area, museum, in one place.

when going there, do not attempt to stop your vehicle while going up.
the way to the actual museum is a steep climb. be sure your automatic
transmission car is working in good condition or else you may will
never make it uphill.

just have a good look of the way to the parking area.
and plan what vehcle you will use. loaded tricycles can go down
but wont be able to come up when loaded with passengers.
a walk down to the museum area would take 4 mins of your time.

this is what you see outside their garden just across their

this is their service vehicle when going down and going up
from their very steep parking lot. an almost 45 degree climb
not A/T friendly.

Puzzle Mansion has also a souvenir shop where you can purchase
puzzles, tshirts and where you can have your own customized puzzle

made for you, as your personal portrait. Souvenir shirts and caps are
also available in the shop. you can see different ornamental and edible
plants in the garden area of the mansion.

this is their 2nd floor where you could see the top 3 biggest puzzles in their
collection. 36k pieces and 1 week to finish.

here are some of the pics that can be seen inside

this is the area where you can try our your jigzaw puzzles

 oh, here is the biggest puzzle.
36,000 pcs.
 For puzzle enthusiasts like me, they have a souvenir shop for puzzles,
native bags, among others. Also has big veranda with tables so guests form
pieces of the puzzle. oh, my favorite is and will be the portrait souvenir puzzle.

 its well worth a visit because Entrance fee is only P100. This puzzle museum
is owned by the late Gerogina Gil-Lacuna. Awarded by Guinness Book of
World Record for having the most number of puzzle collection in all shapes and
sizes.  Around 2,000 puzzles. Had several pics on the inside of the museum and
also posed with the world’s first largest puzzle in the world. there you could also
see the  2nd and 3rd largest puzzle in the world. it is not only a puzzle house but
they have a few rooms for guests who wish to stay there. It also has a pool for
guests ONLY.

here are some videos I would like to share
this is what you will see inside.

looking at these videos above will leave you speechless on how each puzzle was done

here inside the PUZZLE MUSEUM you can see an astonishing array of
puzzles to look and be amazed. including the worlds biggest jigsaw at something
like 36,000 pieces, very good way to spend a few hours, cheap entry, at 100 only.


there is an astonishing array of puzzles to see including the worlds
biggest jigsaw at something like 36,K pieces, found in the second floor
its a very good way to spend a few hours, cheap entry, well worth a visit

looking around the second floor , there you will see the BIGGEST 36k pieces made
in a week's time and be amazed. wow!!! this Puzzle Mansion/ Puzzle Museum truly
deserves the Guinness world record for largest puzzle collection because it will take
you more than a day to finish looking at each completed puzzle in the collection.

truly deserves a spot in the Guiness Book.

Thank's Maam Lacuna for sharing your collection with us. You really
lived your life to the fullest. Very well deserved. oh, dont forget to
check out  the second floor!! Loved the souvenir photo puzzle
cost only 750 with frame to make a standard bond paper size
puzzle-portrait.oh another must try is the coco cream pie.

then we had late lunch at Tootsie's before heading back home to the busy boring

my story ends here, be sure to check out the videos above
to see how large the collection really is. to have the honor
to be selected in the GUINESS BOOK.

ONE LOVE. this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.

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