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Thursday, September 4, 2014

my honda city (SX8)

I had my honda city through my special someone 15 yrs ago. a 1997 Honda City SX8 , this car has been my loyal steed from yr. 2000 to present. and is one of the lowest milleage Honda City unit in town. I will write a separate blog about my car and its adventures. this is about the Honda City, first Generation. before the TypeZ body. hope you guys enjoy my observation.

 One Sunday of  Feb. 20, 2014 me and my friend Alex, of ASL Photography went to Q. Circle and Parks and Wildlife as I narrate to him my little plan to let my friends know of my 15 y old trusted car, the honda city (sx8) , thanks for these pics from the lens of Alexander Lohongko.

 The Honda City has always been a good handling car and the latest iteration continues to offer good body control with eagerness to enter corners. However the tyres on the car are really disappointing. In the interest of fuel efficiency, Honda has gone ahead with puny 175 mm section tires, having a small tire leads to loss of traction very quickly and plenty of screeches when cornering or braking hard, thats why I need to change tires and rims
Open Your Eyes and travel back in time 15 yrs ago , Yesterday is back! my old 15 yr-city still puffin along

The SX8 City was Honda’s ‘economical car’ specially designed for the ASEAN market during the downturn of 1996/1997
Being a budget car does not mean a punishment, which the City debunks that notion. Thanks to the sub 1,000kg body weight, it handles well despite using McPherson struts rather than the double wishbone utilized by the Civic.

You get a roomy cabin good for four of your friends (or family members) to hop in, but interior quality is very disappointing but you shouldn't since they say "you get what you pay for". you get a comfortable driving position that is complemented with large windows and a low hood. Power windows for the 1.3 LXi are only available in the front, with the rear occupants have to crank the windows down.

Two options can be had, with the most common one is the D13B4 1,343cc which spits out 95hp at 6,400rpm and 121Nm at 4,700rpm. Fitted among VTi models is the D15 1,493cc that carries 115hp at 6,800rpm and 142Nm at 4,600rpm. These engines are lively when reached at 4,000rpm and for a low price, you get something that is enjoyable to drive thanks to a light body and well spaced gear ratios.

Based on the EF Civic platform, the City nameplate was resurrected in 1996 under the chassis code SX8. It was developed and sold in developing markets (South East Asia, India, Pakistan) and to complement the EK Civic but at a lower price.
with some marketing efforts done locally including a song played in radio stations, this generation of City - together with the next generation models - found success in the local market. Initially available with a 1.3 engine, a 1.5 model was later added in 1998 and an update was done in 1999. You can buy the SX8 City until 2003, which the GD City replaced it.

Here in the picture, i added a chin courtest of a friend from my city group, sx8army mackam, lowering springs and aftermarket rims courtesy of Rey Teves hid driving lights from Sanzei Banawe

While the Civic has elegant curves, the City makes do without any flashy design cues. But remember, it is a low frills vehicle that can transport you from point A to Z. To differentiate a 1.3 to a 1.5 City, the former gets black door handles while the latter has color coded ones.

Honda City has been in the country for over a decade now.  The first model was launched in the year 1996, the second model hit roads in 2002, whereas the third model made it in 2008. As per sources, the second, third and fourth generation city's are based on Jazz platform, whereas the first model was based on modified Civic EF platform

old looking dash the center console needs to be fixed to allow room for a 2din headunit it however lacks a mix of high-quality plastics and soft-touch surfaces so it wont feel more upscale than in late model years.

The SX8 City was Honda’s ‘economical car’ specially designed for the ASEAN market during the downturn of 1996/1997

The SX8 Honda City is also priced within that range and it can be yours between P145,000-P230,000. Parts can be procured at any Honda specialist shop, and maintaining one is on the affordable side. While hunting for your City, be careful with units with rust especially if the vehicle got in an accident and the body repair was poorly done. Fuel economy is wallet friendly, and there is no carburetor to worry about. 
Let's reminisce on the past, thank God for the present and dream about what's to come tomorrow thanks for the 15 wonderful yrs. of honda ownership
 This has been your loverboy DENNIS signing out. till next blog.


  1. Nice! Please do write more about this car! Like the mods you did or mods that can be made. Love from Malaysia

    1. thanks very much my friend. Thailand had so much aftermarket suspension parts and most SX8 there have boosted B series motor with nice interior and even a VIP setup.

    2. Yes Thailand has much better mods than here , thinking of getting parts from there... But cannot get a contact. Unable to go there myself as not free

    3. try to message Ton of CityMania

  2. Hi Sir dennis i'm a honda city 97 owner also. Got a problem with my transmission and planning yo rebuild it. Hope to hear from you the soonest because im looking for local suppliers of rebuild kits. Thanks.

    Raymund from La union