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Friday, September 26, 2014

COLLECTICON 2014 ingres


Tomorow is day 1 of the 2 day toy exhibit called COLLECTICON 2014 on its 7th yr.
happening at  the megatrade hall 3 from 9am- 8pm

Ever wonder whats happening on the day before the big day? its called ingres, and 
here are some of the pictures I would like to share. here are the tables(covered in blue cloth) 
this is what every exhibitor see once you go inside and meet Dennis the organizer. 

each table cost 7k. if you have lots of prouct to showcase or sell, then get more.
each table is 2ft in width. you can put your tarps you can place your items high up, but not 
extending to the other table beside you. every item is checked by the guard and needs a gatepass that looks like this

a few tips when you're n exhibitor

Please take care of your belongings. organizer will not be responsible for any losses
due to carelessness such as leaving any expensive gadget unattended to.
DSLRs gadgets like laptop and such items are your responsibility. If
you lose them because you left them somewhere, do not blame the organizers
for it.

the only 3d printer  in the exhibit

3d printer up close

gunpla booth

There will be TV media and coverage of the display, if it so happens that your
area is visited, and the media with the cameraman come to the display and
asks questions, please answer them seriously and in a friendly tone. Also,
don’t forget to prep up before being interviewed.

Always keep a friendly disposition. Do not incite fights with your fellow exhibitors,
booth sellers, or with the buying public. Do not steal, once you do it like stealing
from a fellow collector, you're done! youre career as an exhibitor is history. no
one will buy  from  you, no one will mind you and you will be banned from
the premises forever AND I MEAN FOREVER AND EVER!!

The organizers have have 2 IDs given out by the committee which will be
used by the exhibitors. As a result, you will be required to purchase
tickets to be able to enter the event area. (if there is a plus 1.)

this is our booth.


how do you locate retro toys? well look for our pretty attendant!

for vintage toy collection, visit our booth #77 RETROTOYS. 


see you tomorow at the first day of the COLLECTICON 2014
happening in megatrade hall 3, 9am to 8pm
and here are our products for sale. vintage diecast robots


assorted action figures, centurions, masters of the universe , gi-joe

diecast robot


grendizer up close

gen 1 transformers

to see the entire  collection visit us tomorow. there are 80s toys, gen 1 transformer weapons set, zoids, weapons from masters of the universe, gi-joe centurions, mask, etc. look for my pretty attendant. if you cant see our booth.

this is your loverboy DENNIS , SEE YOU TOMOROW


day 1 and 2 collecticon

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