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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CAR EXCHANGE: Earning money slowly

 After college, I drove a rickety-ass old willys converted jeep
that my parents let me use. Here’s how bad it was: It shook so badly that when
I drove it on EDSA, I always drove in the right lane so that when it broke
down, I could simply pull over gracefully. When I took it to get an LTO emmision check,
every yr it fails.  its my dad's service vehicle finally after 30 yrs of service,
he decided to sell the jeep to buy a daihatsu feroza.

After my  work as a washboy, when I get home, I always see old cars parked with tires sinking
or flat, and the car in such a  bad state, this is a sign of the owner ready to sell his car.

I often 'shop' at the least expected places, not on online ads, or
buy and sell news ads.  Then I drive it for a while for
free, and sell it when I’m ready,of course for more than I bought it for.
Then  I roll that money into the next vehicle, and earn again.

Researching vehicle history and carefully examining a car on the lot can be fruitful.

here is a picture of my first successful buy and sell transaction

Theres an option for car exchange buyers called "katay" or chopchop. wherin
we buy the entire unit as a whole, regardless of if the engine is running or not,
or if the car registration is not updated for a number of years. we buy it for a
special price usually amounting to less than 30-35k
then  the buyer sell the whole car piece by piece. and gain profit.

Some pointers to remember before buying:

pic taken from the net

Focus on low budget cars, dont sell high end cars, bec the mount earned is almost the same.

Focus on cars that are popular to the working class, and students (ex. corolla, sentra, honda esi) again dont go for high end close to latest model cars having a value of 300k above. you wont like it when your investment get stuck.

Check for suspected potential lemon car.
lemon is an (often new) car that is found to be defective only after it has been bought. Any vehicle with numerous, severe issues can be termed so and, by extension, so can any product with flaws too great or severe to serve its purpose. [source: wikipedia]

HOW? - Check the engine, remove the radiator cap, and start the engine see if water "erupts"
if it does, you need an engine overhaul
pic taken from the net

(cost of repairs for engine overhaul is anywhere from 15k or more depends if the engine block is
damage or the connecting rods and valves need replacement)

if the engine overheats while parked, you need an engine overhaul

check on the car registration if its updated or not. there are different price
for registration depend on the amount of cylinders and the car displacement and if
its a luxury vehicle or not. the car advertized maybe a bargain, but the registration is
"paso" or not updated for a number of yrs. and will cost you 40-50k

Screen used car ads for in-demand cars priced below market.
Make a cash offer for below the asking price.(after you have seen the unit)

Some pointers to reminder before you sell your car

Sell the car AS IS WHERE IS no warranty, to prevent troubles in the future

additional optional freebies before you sell include:
Make necessary repairs.(to make it road worthy)
Get the car cleaned and detailed.
Have the title free and clear, ready to hand to the buyer.

Don’t negotiate — you don’t need to sell the vehicle, you can use it.
so wait for your price.

Dont and NEVER go for a roadtest. because you are not a car dealer with a car showroom
agreeing on a roadtest is a recipe for carnap kidnap disaster.

Accept only cash. no bank to bank transfer, MCs re acceptable though.

til here, Happy car hunting. this is your loverboy DENNIS signing off

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