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Thursday, September 18, 2014

galant 7g revival

Growing up, changing oil washing cars for people outside the scorching summer heat from  morning to afternoon was a chore to me, its also an opportunity for me to get familiar with different types of car makes, brands and  a good lesson in car appreciation it teached me about tools and cars. And, like many other car nuts, I'm sure it was the start of my love affair with cars, although it didn't seem that way at the time because I particularly dont have enough money to buy even the food I wanted.

Restoring a car can be an extremely rewarding experience. But before you begin, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. The Internet offers the resources you need to decide whether restoring a car is up your ally. If car restoration is a hobby you truly want to pursue.

anyone can buy an evo. but restoring a vr4 to its prime takes heart. and thats why a souped
 up fully restored galant vr4 tends to break the weak

You don’t have to restore a car completely on your own. Using the aid of a goodshop like Sanzei
I spent around 11k on parts and services just to have the galant looking fresh. the shop can always help
get some of the grueling details out of the way so that you can focus on the fun stuff. If you find yourself in a jam and need some help, there’s no shame in contacting a professional help from a carclub forum like the 7G club of the Philippines. Arch David Vincent , Marlon (from Trapik Audio) and John Alvin Lim helped me source out most of the parts. and a budget car painter mang tony helped me with the paint. Mgsquare sponsored the rear seats.

this is the picture  of the galant when I first got it, and I told you guys you wont be recognizing this on the road after 2 weeks.

When I got the Galant, there are some minor defects, the body needs repaint, no foglamps , wiper is not working properly, no rear wiper, no interior dome light, no stereo, no sound system, clearnace light is different or is wornout, dirty interior , cracked rear tailight no tint, driver side door refused to open, central lock is defective

fixed all the minor parts, added a 2 din headunit, orig galant steering wheel, (stitched) repainted the car, installed dark tints, fixed the front wiper, aircon louver, changed the interior seats, added a camera fixed the lights, added HID headlight and foglights repaired the rear tailight, bught bnew clearance light and cheek lights and fixed the transmission and cleaned the radiator.

 because even if the Galant's body was in very bad shape, at least it was a running car, so the restoration begins. am a sucker for Daddy's car even before, and aside from the cefiro, the Galant 4G63 is one of them.

This is the repainting process in pictures

they say driving a black car means ur macho, dangerous , rebelious and good in bed? hmmmmm

Progress will be slow because I plan to strictly stay within a budget. But I will keep you all posted with updates--and, of course, share whatever I learn along the way. Major obstacles are the engine that I want to upgrade to a 6a12TT
so I'm sure there will be challenges along the way. Still, it should be fun.

But because of recent developments, I think that the time is ripe for this daddy's car to finally return. the godfather of the lancer - the mitsubhishi Galant.

Sept 28, 2014   
the final coating was done in touch of class owned by Marvin. it used 2 galoons of Nax topcoat


interior shot
wento MGSQUARE to get my front seats

bought the mitsubishi logo for 350

on Oct 4, 2014 I decided to purchase a new set of shoes for my galant
the 17" volkrays eng. tires installed

went to BCC Banawe for the installation of magz and tires

volk rays extreme gramlite 17"x7 4x114 e38 and wanli tires 215 40 r17 thanks blueline and BBC banawe

and yes, I must admit, it looked good. money well spent.  

magz and tires  by Blueline banawe, and BCC wheels

Paint by touch of Class body paints

so far Im using Auto-gard all purpose cleaner and all purpose microfiber cloth 40x40 so it will be easy to clean and dry during these unpredictable rainy days
for more information on Auto-gard products pls visit their FB page site here.
or if you want to talk to an Auto-Gard sales person, just click here.

here are the pics of my galant as of Oct 13, 2014

rear speakers sponsored by Marlon of Trapik Audio and Arch David 

seats by MG Square Malabon

rear seats by MGSquare Malabon

front Focal Seps customization by Trapik Audio

steering wheel by Lawrence A. Lim

I would like to thank the paint job and detailing works done by Touch of Class Auto Paint and Professional Detailer  for 
a good paint job which helps a lot in the restoration process, BlueLine Banawe, 
(for the 17" rays eng. rims) Sanzei Banawe, (for parts of my galant) BBC  wheels 
(for the 235 45 r17 tires)

I want to to thank the bosses at Trapik Audio  boss Marlon Pascual , the owner, if you want a pimping
cool airsuspension setup on your ride whether its a bike, a car, an suv, hook up with him, he does magic to your sound experience. I dont have the video of the focal audi experience with just one ampli, you should meet this guy! cool humble guy with lots of EMMA experience. and his boys are great installers too(they call one the kabayo), yeah he sure can make your sub whaever brand it is, - kick! literally.

I want to thank Architect David Vincent Gomez  for the sponsored Focals K2P  and 165 the wirings, the knight rider dancing LED lights, and for helping me source out lots of part and finishing this restoration. if you want spare parts of any car, VW, toyota, even restoring your house, he can do it.

sir Allan Padojino, for the sponsored amplifier at a good price. if you like to ask for advice you can audi his bB and you will know what Im saying. he can hook you up for a good deal when getting your first car sound setup done, value for money.

next week Ill post even more pics of the restoration. till here
this is yur loverboy DENNIS signing out


  1. Very nice Dennis. Have one too. Needs improvement and minor repairs. Nung makuha namin. nasa garahe lang. Need total paint(White Orig color). 6A12 A/T. Plan to change color to black. Sabi mo nga macho, rebellious...hahaha. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks for the nice coment sir. learned a lot from the 7G galant club from our friends there who help source out the parts.
      mine is the 4 cyclinder version of 4g63 supersaloon.