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Friday, September 5, 2014

DEN-R celebrates 9th yr anniversary today

DEN-R INTERNET 09-05-2005

the following Yr in  MAY 2006, I decided to expand DEN-R INTERNET with an additional of 20 more units
because of the growing need for my internet services.

 Internet cafes made the Internet somewhat more accessible to the middle class and some of the poor who might need it badly for a specific purpose. thats the mission of DEN-R internet.

DEN-R's goal is to become the preferred cybercafe for the students and of the masses.

Sept 5, 2005. (my mom's birthday) with just 14 units. 400K capital. I consulted a fengsui expert and got his blessing.

He advised me to open the shop on Sept 5, 2005 no more no less, with 2 wks time, I converted an old supposedly HAUNTED, dirty, rat infested rice storage house to one of the most talked about 'tambayans' in MCU. and the 'batang gangstah' crowd. I hired 2 team of carpenters, 2 electricians. I assembled, the PCs with the help of my brother and a neighbor. I also got scared of NBI and BSA so I invested; in all original software. With the help of my relatives, and 2 banks, DEN-R internet was built. now lets talk about my worst experience as a  LANshop Owner: On the first week of operation, I only offered internet because I don’t know what games to install, I’m a programmer not a gamer. Gamers keep coming in they asked for DOTA, CS, I dont understand. I only offered pacman and marvel vs capcom game first day, 400.00 sales. First week, 900 pesos sales/day. I went to the fengsui expect again for help. After a while, I surfed and joined ULOP.NET it changed the way I operated my lanshop.

it has been an instant hit to youngsters killing time, a day care center for parents, and a household name in barangay 81. in a span of 9 months the cost of building DEN-R was paid in full.
and on May 26, 2006, the first phase of DEN-R's expansion is underway.

with the opening of DEN-R's second floor it attracts even more new customers until the first competitor sold his shop for 120k, and I named the new shop RUDENDER 1. opened Nov 15, 2009 after the pacman fight.

RUDENDER 1 Est. Nov 15, 2009

RUDENDER 2 STAFF during breaktime rehearsals 
 One of the known strategies I implemented on my 9 yrs as a shop owner is the ability to present customers with friendly , attractive , pretty  staffs, cashiers and attendants. this has been my selling point all these years.
many shops come and go, but am still here, because of my staffs called Dennis' angels or "ebeb". they helped me and my shop grow from a small 14 seats  internet cafe to what it is now. the biggest name in this part of Monumento.





then after 3 more yrs. another competor moved out, (Mar 2012) I made a division and cut through the cement wall, the shop is then transformed to RUDENDER 2.  on July 16, 2012

Thats the story of how a tiny shop of  just 14 computers  started from nothing to something. thanks to friends, to customers. and to the magic word "pakikisama"

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing off. 


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