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Monday, September 15, 2014

BANAWE: A carnuts' lovehate relation

 Growing in this part of the metro, Banawe Street has been a familiar place to me eversince I was a teenage carwash boy. I visited this stretch of Road from cor. Araneta St. to the ends of e-rodriguez St. and it has been a haven for both buy and sell car dealers, agents, street tuners, ricers, import tuners, and a shopping center for those who loved car accesories and

I  remembered how this small street of cars parts and accessories managed to live within neighboring restaurants (only a few of them in 1993)
and as time goes by....

people who wanted their cars repaired also thought of eating something while they wait with their significant other usually for hours,
hence the birth of the famous Banawe Street 
(for good food and good parts).

merchandise are separated into (3) three,
car accesories, car parts(surplus, brandnew, replacement)
and katay parts.

zsquare mall photo taken by Mitch A

The only Mall, called Z-Square opened last yr, September 24, 2013 is located at
the corner of Banawe and Del Monte Avenue.  I don't  like about the mall is the
aircon. its not fully airconditioned. and the parking  is for only a few hundred cars.

Banawe Street is almost synonymous to car parts and accessories because of the long
row of stores selling car related  products, (old and new) earning its title as the
Car and Automobile Parts Capital of the Philippines. (next Appalit and Evangelista in Makati)
and its also a prime destination in Metro Manila for foodies who are in search for a
good foodtrip.

This is Sanzei, 30-E Banawe cor. P. Florentino St.Quezon City 711-3761.
I had close to 7 cars repaired, souped-uped(setup) , mofified here since 2006
I had my galant repaired installed  (LED, alarm, raingutter, tint and camera today)

Banawe is the place where you can find all your needs to scrap to brand new, original to
replacement, modified to conversion Just be aware of those hard headed and annoying
freelancers(mostly 90% are carparts thieves)  who will approach you to fix your car with
a fee and/or forcibly convince you to find what you need.(with a fee), word of advice,
refrain from doing any transactions with these people.

here are some words we need to know, chop-chop: is the most common popular name for
automotive parts which is second hand (mostly from carnapped vehicles) thus they are slightly
used , other parts come from other country(japan, US) almost considered garbage or junkyard scrap thus bought
at a  low budget by containers and still sold and ship  to the Philippines and distribute from different
surplus seller here in manila, QC, Makati, Apalit.

surplus parts are dismantled from  carnapped vehicle (piyesa piyesa chopchop and from kinatay stolen cars) and
segregate the usable parts.

Replacement parts also a solution for some people who does not want to use second hand
material. it is brand new but considered not original parts but cheaper than the original,
replacement sellers/dealers can be found in Sta Cruz Manila the warehouses I mean, they have agents, who
distribute the parts to the diff. auto supplies in Banawe.

Till here, This is your loverboy DENNIS  signing out! make a potpot honk when you guys see me on the road!

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