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Saturday, September 13, 2014

goodbye Anda

before moving this, BADpwh would have to get the nod of the last but most important person–the Mayor.

Their reason? for the Monument's own protection. so that if ever a car goes off course,
it wont  damage the monument - some reason!

heritage conservation lovers, the loverboy has some BAADDD news for you!

BADpwh decides to replace Anda Circle with an ordinary intersection to ease traffic,
and they agreed with NHCP that the monument is safer somewhere else
this move, has been criticized by historical conservationists like me for this $#@$#@! plan.

the decision is to transfer of the monument will be to Maestranza Plaza inside Intramuros
and check this out! "BAD"PWH-NCR chief said theres abosolutely no historical value
referring to Spanish-era Anda Circle in Manila!!
their magic the solution is to knock down the monument. and using our tax money!

a litle bit of history: It won't be the first time the Anda Monument would be moved around.
Until the 1960s, it was in its original location along Pasig River near where the Del Pan
Bridge is now.

But with the construction of the bridge, the monument was moved to its present location,
After the war, the monument was moved to its present location along Bonifacio Drive and
was retransformed into a monument circle. Then President Carlos P. Garcia recounted 
Anda's heroism and defense of Filipinos against Spanish abuses in his turn over speech 
on June 8, 1957. At present, the Anda Monument shows many signs of vandalism.

The Anda Circle, of which the monument is the centerpiece, will 
be turned into an intersection with a center island and traffic lights.

Though it does not have a historical marker, the Anda Monument has historical significance since it 
was constructed in 1871 during the Spanish colonial era.

this is how their vision of change is:
Bonifacio Drive will retain four lanes each way. then A center island will take the
roundabout's place in the intersection between Bonifacio and Soriano Avenue,
which then leads into Intramuros. and then Traffic lights will be installed on each corner.
and the goal is to free up traffic flow for bigggg container trucks going to and
from the Port Area. -reeeeasonsssss!

 it is much better if it is to be moved to its former position (the 1871-1960 location) and beautify said place to retain its historical mark and essence.

The original Anda monument was erected in 1871 near the Pasig River, in honor of Simón de Anda y Salazar's successful repulsion of British invaders in 1764.

The monument was erected during the Spanish colonial era in honor of Simon de Anda, 
who was governor-general of the islands from 1770 to 1776.

The monument was rebuilt at its present site after the original was destroyed in WW2

Its removal is scheduled to take place within the next two weeks. bye bye monument
am afraid and I know history and heritage conservation lovers cant do anything about
this move unless were the mayor.

BAADDDDD -dpwh , aside from killing  thousand of trees , many unfinished road projects, now this?

This is your loverboy DENNIS signing out...before I do, I want to share that
Removing historical landmarks and ROTUNDA will not resolves montrous highway parking lot
getting back the PNR at tutuban will solve this, let the trains to the dirty work of transporting containers
to its location... why wont they transfer "pier" instead to another location? like outside Manila?

tsk tsk tsk  heritage sites, destroyed, one after the other....

Philippines my Philippines!!

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