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Sunday, September 28, 2014

COLLECTICON 2014 in pictures

Twas the week before 4th quarter 2014 and all through toyland, not a person was sleeping unless their toy was in demand. Once again, the holiday toy season is upon us.
 That’s really just a formal way to say, Its toy exhibit time once more and its COLLECTICON 2014's go time! 

HELLO TOYFANS, I went to 2 days of  toy exhibit as an exhibitor, with my brother DERRICK  and his RETRO TOY COLLECTION (Booth 77) and now I bring you exclusive photo and video blog of the 2 day event I attended, this is the 7th COLLECTICON 2014! And here is my photo coverage for the event.


EVER WONDER how it looks like inside? before the gates open?

well here is a sneak peak.

GRAND PRIZE for raffle

Day 2 collecticon 2014

organizers at the registration booth

my lovely staff for the day

one of the highlights of the event is to have authograph session the the korean teen group NOM


organizers DEVS and Fatima


picture with my best friend  diecast collector Engr. Edwin Aquino

I enjoyed the two days of COLLECTICON 2014 although its not that grand, bec its not well publicized in social media and traditinal media, most of the booth owners closed  and packed  rather early a few minutes after the winners of the spiderman stoplight figure are announced (one winner and one backup winner) both girls.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing off see you in the next TOKUCON 2014 and
Christmas toycon coming 2nd wk of December 2014

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