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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

my tonkaJR my feroza

daihatsu Feroza called the F300 is one capable offroader like the vitara

There are cars that you drive to work and to the supermarket; to the hills, through the waters to play...and there are cars that have become more than that: a faithful companion that is a part of your life. our 1972 converted Willy's Mc Arthur has been with us since 1972. we have been operating a business that requires extensive deliveries, customer visit rain or shine.. when we decide to part our 1972 owner jeep, we know its time to get a replacement.After almost a yr of advertizing we finally sold our custom made 1973 willys mc arthur jeepster for just Php. 35,000, we then decided it was time for us have a spare car to drive against the elements of the unpredictable Philippine weather, since dad cant drive a sedan, we have no choise but to get a daihatsu Rocky known as a daihatsu feroza (F300) here in the Philippines. we got it for 167k

june of 2005. and its the start of my interest for 4x4 machines and the great outdoors. because I know that when it rains, the ferozas come out to play. 

because we know the F300 is not a bad little truck.

Let me start off by saying the Feroza during my college days 
is only available for purchase by the manliest of men, and he sexiest of women
If it was possible for a vehicle to sprout chest hair, this sexy macho lil truck would 
look like WWFs' ravishing rick rude.

This car was engineered by 3rd dan ninja warriors in the highest mountains 
of Japan to serve the needs of the man that cheats death on a daily basis. 
The japs didn't even consider fancy amenities like navigation systems 
(real men don't get lost), cold aircondtion units(real men still looks 
good sweating). this brute comes with the things us 
testosterone-fueled super action junkies need. It has a 4cylinder 1.6L 
engine to outrun other 1600 vehicles  of its time.

The Daihatsu Feroza's problem was that it came along 
just before the Suzuki Vitara, a similar light 4WD but with 
styling that caught the public's eye. So, from 1989, the F300
 was eclipsed by the sexy Suzuki and went out of production 
with a bit of a whimper in 1998 Mechanically, it was similar 
to the Vitara, with a 1600cc SOHC engine (carb. but latter EFI) 
and a manual gearbox. there were EFI ferozas but not sold 

This car handles exceptionally well (power steering) and 
the seats are very comfy. Aesthetically this little truck 
with a bullbar and aerial has lots of street appeal, and 
will turn heads everywhere you go. All in all a great little 
4wd that will take you anywhere on a budget.

Not a bad little 4wd considering that I have taken it on 
some serious 4wd roads and it handled  quite well. it 
does extremely well when no roads are present and 
is driven by a chosen few

and we at FEROZA-PH are living proofs.

HD-C 1,589cc engine with 94hp at 5,700rpm and 127Nm at 4,800rpm sp  
It drives effortlessly, body weight and bulk not withstanding EVEN ON 30" MUDTIRES

The white roof panel and rear passenger canopy can be removed if one fancies 
top down motoring.

interior is bare looking, but those travelling the beaten path wouldn't mind. 
Front passenger space is good but the rear is best left inhabited due to 
legroom issues. The seats may appear thin but they assure that they have 
adequate support and they are adjustable. 

some technical details:

Suspension was independent in the front, solid in the rear, supported 
by coil springs. Such companies as ARB made a reasonable range of 
accessories but Feroza was never supported by anything like the Vitara's 
vast aftermarket.  
so unlike the vitaras, which has calmini,  Feroza owners are largely on their own.

There wasn't much difference between the ability of the two off-road, 
although the Daihatsu seemed to be slightly more rugged. Because the roof 
could be removed, with some effort, the Feroza had an integral roll bar at 
the B-pillar – a comforting feature if something went horribly wrong 

Ferozas are not often seen on Manila roads. Those that are sighted are 
generally "well used" and have high mileage often in the mountains of 
Baguio, Rizal, Cebu and Cavite.

Curves that afflict modern compact SUV's are absent in the Feroza, in 
place of these are boxy angles. Adding to its macho stance is the rectangular 
grille work bordered by square headlamps, and the fender flares that add some
 assertive attitude.

The white roof panel and rear passenger canopy can be removed if one fancies 
top down motoring.

This mini SUV that can handle the worst that nature throws in can be obtained at 
less the price when new. Parts availability is not a liability nowadays with an advent 
of similar Toyota parts that can be used the only bad thing I can admit is that Rear 
access is hard specially when its raining hard and your girl's folks are going out of 
town with you.  it has  Limited space for backseat occupants.  
its the best suv money can buy if you are a 90s kids. its timeless, it never grow old
and  It was replaced by the awful Terios. darn!!

for those aspiring feroza owners or if you own a feroza and is not a member yet please log in to register and meet us, and be one of the chosen few.

here are two modified feroza from my friends Doc Ponch and Rocky Anduiza  veterans of FEROZA-PH, proof that not only are F300s timeless, they look pretty aggressive and macho with modified mudtires and winch bumper.
here is 3 time offroad race winner  Carlo and his winning feroza, bought on a budget bone stock, just add mudtires and grab the trophies

This is your loverboy DENNIS signing out
if you see me and my feroza on the road. honk honk so I cold notice you.