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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

pagpapakitang gilas.

while watching the Philippine team, I dont feel good seeing them like this,
the international basketball world will not remember the us, the Philippines
after a few more days. cuteness doesnt win games, they're not seasoned players
at least draft a team from the all-filipino cup, and we need to train hard and
have a good coach, not a clown asking a center to do the job of a pointguard!
the team lost their composure, and they are unable to execute plays, Shoot the crucial points
and cant even beat the shot clock!
thats more hrtbrking than seeing them lose the game eventually!

but hey, Philippines, its 2014, not 1941! This is not war. This is not Bataan or Corregidor.
This is just a basketball game. for crying out loud!  It's not the end of the world!

But honestly, it felt like it was. huhuhu. no hope for the Philippine team since I was a child
I know, because the Basketball Talent belongs to America, as the Boxing Talent belongs to the Philippines
the wushu , acrobatic floor exercises crown is on China, as the wightlifting is for Russia.
Were just not bred to play ball like what our US counterparts do.

I could not say we have improved in the way we play basketball compared to  21 years ago!
our players then are all retired right now.

We still play the same way, we still miss freethrows, our big men are not trained to hit the winning
long range 3 point shots at will, the team still has the wrong notion of pride. more effort should
have been put into preparation and not rely on guts to win. the government should invest more
in sports. and the worst part is we still need to hire an import to help us! geez!!!

We have to wake up and realize that if we truly want to win, GO BACK TO BASKETBALL SCHOOL and learn the fundamentals and master them.
Because sports is not just all heart. sports is not "PUSO" , because the puso wont win games!

we have the "Puso para sa Gilas" but they just cant do it! the team went all the way to EspaƱa just to get swept away.  the team of Gilas will go home from FIBA2014 still looking cute for the girls. but wont bring pride here. sad to say.

am sorry, Im just Airing my insights.

this is your loverboy DENNIS saying ingat sa biyahe Gilas. go back to Pinas, the girls are waiting for you.

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