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Sunday, September 21, 2014

PIMS 2014

fear of another epic rainfall, I kept on the safe side by driving an suv-THE FEROZA

PIMS Day 3, last day.

When I arrived at 830am the boom na boom parking where still closed, I went straight
inside WTC parking and was rewarded with a great parking space near the rear entrace.

the exhibit opens at 10am, but the organizer was kind enough to let us in and pay 100 for the entrace ticket, attend an hour catholic mass.

then in 20 mins folowed by the kia pride club

in a few minutes the miata club arrived in candy colored  souped up miatas, a crowd favorite. 
followed by the big trucks and the audio souped up auv. as I walked outside, I saw the JEEP BOOTH

I saw beeboy Vargas at Jeep Philippines's open testdrive track and I know Jeephils
is holding a dynamic preview testdrive experience of the 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk
early this morning, I' the 4th in line, since theres no big crowd yet at 10am, I managed
to testdrive both the trailhawak and the rubicon with the softtop.

Visitors will get to experience the fifth-generation Cherokee in a specially
designed adventure type off-road course to demonstrate its maneuverability, traction,
cross-axle articulation, ground clearance, safety and stability.
the trailhawak has a 2.4-liter 'Tigershark’ MultiAir 2 inline-4 with around 200hp
and I was surprised it has a  9-speed automatic transmission! its
equipped with good  traction, articulation, ground clearance water fording.
it has sound system includes an 8"2 din  with 9 speakers, leather seats,
GPS navigation, and wireless charging pad.

however the driver should be cautious as he is required to sign a waiver, and
will be held responsible and shall pay any damages from being a stupid careless driver.

during my ride, I particularly loved the accesories of the trailhawk as
it has a rear cam, an option to switch to manual mode(by shifting going to the
left then up or down to shift manual gears. this is my video of the experience

the 'trail rated' version which boasts of features like aggressive approach and
departure angles, red tow hooks, Jeep Active Drive Lock w/ locking rear ,
hill descent, differential, skid plates and  1" stock factory lift

The locking rear differential is selectable in any low range terrain mode,
but will lock automatically when in certain modes, sample “Rock,”-mode to maximize
attractive effort at the tire patch that can support it. it came in A/T tires, and is
so trail capable out of the box, next to best 4x4 by far -the landrover. testng the trailhawk

this is the jeep experience
After the testdrive, its the opening of the PIMS 2014 motorshow, I got inside,

video 2 L200 concept from mitsu-fiat & a tour of the mazda booth
video3 early 10am sept 21 (part3)
video 4 early 10am sept 21 (part2)
video 5 early 10am sept 21
video 6 voltes V and the PH jeepney
jeep rubicon drive
mazda 6 drive

the first thing I saw is the Garmin booth I owned the first garmin nuvi at 27k last 2007

Im surprised it has a big price dropped the low end unit(faced out) is 9k. and the top of
the line model is 13k. they even have a 2din garmin headunit  with backup camera as option.
here is the video

Next I went to VKP- or V-Kool Philippines.  they will give a 50% off discount price
on their VK-Series full car installations today, bec its their anniversary.
Im told that they will also give away free tints during the event. Just
visit their booth and have a VK-Series front windsheild tint and they’ll throw
in the side window and rear windshield tints for free.

Nxt I went to Mitsubishi booth and saw a futuristic looking concpt pickup
its the joint pickup truck project by mitsu-fiat, is set to start manufacturing of the new
L200 otherwise known as the Strada or Triton at their Thailsmnd plant this year.
its based on the GR-HEV concept which has debuted in geneva autoshow and will
be released 2018

Since I own a cefiro, I would try out the counterpart, the Teana, but there is
no test unit available. the chicks at Nissan offered to let me test drive their
2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 V6 SV, I gave it a try, so after test driving the altima
 I know Nissan gives the Altima sedan a host of Infiniti-inspired design cues
inside and out, but the execution misses the mark in a way that has a litle bit
of cost cutting. It "refuses" the mid-size-sedan trend of four-cylinder engines
by offering a 3.5-liter V-6 (8 km/liter spirited driving with aircon on High,
sunroof open test condition) in addition to the base 2.5-liter four. Competent
handling is the Altima’s (and cefiro's) forte, yet the weak link remains its
continuously variable transmission. lack of GPS and no side mirror
camera(like the accord) no 3 mode engine(VCM) like the accord. but aircon
and riding comfort is above par. heres the video of the test drive.

I went to PIMS a few hour earlier than my friends at HCCP. but if you happen to
be an HCCP member  theres a car club area where free parking is exclusively for
for HCCP members. free tickets also for first 50 HCCP members. I met President
Joel after my 3rd test drive from (nissan altima).
President Joels GM City "Gotham" showcar is a winner! working NOS,
premium sound system and plasti-diped (notwrapped). and easy to clean.
if you want your car plastidipped. look for our HCCP President Joel.

hcpi - Honda Cars Philippines decided to show off the brand’s racing heritage
by bringing over TO THE pims 2014 two motorsports inspired exhibits:
the NSX Concept and the Japan #16 Super Formula open-wheeled race car.
They decided to use the Philippine International Motor Show to finally
unveil their all-new Brio and Brio Amaze B-segment car.
I was able test drove the new Accord from the parking to MOA gronds and
it has a fantastic 10km/liter with aircon on High and open sunroof,
spirited driving. back to the honda booth, they also have the prettiest
carshow babes next to Lexus.

Honda NSX concept car and the Team Mugen Super Formula race car taken earlier at
PIMS 2014.  these two cool cars are mysterious since no detailed specs were told
the Honda NSX Concept car is said to have an 8 speed dual clutch transmission &
V6 motor.  technical showcase of what Honda’s new sports car would be. It’s a
mid-engined, all-wheel drive sports car with a V6 engine that powers the rear
wheels and three electric motors. on the rear reads SH-AWD  which stands for
(Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system. This set-up allows the NSX Concept to
send positive or negative torque to the front wheels during cornering for
improved handling.

The #16 Team Mugen SF13 was the 2013 Jap Champ SUPER F1 champion
winning race car.

a 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine with 100 horsepower  5-speed manual / 5-speed AT,
Honda’s dynamic duo has the following pricing:
Brio 1.3 S M/T – P 599,000
Brio 1.3 S A/T – P 639,000
Brio 1.3 V M/T – P 679,000
Brio 1.3 V A/T – P 719,000
In comparison, the slightly larger and cushier Brio Amaze is priced:
Brio Amaze 1.3 E M/T – P 629,000
Brio Amaze 1.3 S A/T – P 689,000
Brio Amaze 1.3 V M/T – P 729,000
Brio Amaze 1.3 V A/T – P 769,000

both models receive world-class drivetrain components as well as creature
comfort amenities. For instance, the Brio and Amaze’s platform were
developed using the gen1 GD Jazz as basis. Top of the line amenities
include a safety equipments, GPS  system with DVD.
also on test drive is the CRZ, pilot and civic.

This latest Accord is 3.5 inches shorter bumper to bumper and 1 inch tighter at the wheelbase than its fleshy predecessor. Yet once again, Honda conducts a master class in packaging. Against its porcine predecessor, the 2013 car’s cabin dimensions vary hardly at all. The Accord still feels like one of the biggest cars in the segment, with two roomy and extra-comfortable front buckets and a back bench you and two friends can stretch out on. Moreover, the capacious trunk is even larger, maximum volume having increased by over one cubic foot.

this is the video of my honda accord testdrive

I went inside the accord and presented with the familiar near luxury VIP cockpit, with softer materials and better sound insulation. The dash is done to Honda’s familiar template of large, maxi-print gauges and many, many small buttons. You can pile on navigation and the associated extra panel of controls, which will be familiar to current-gen owners, or save your money and make do with a deep drawer hidden behind a somewhat clumsy-looking plastic door.

my favorite option is a clever blind-spot camera that Honda calls LaneWatch. Mounted at the bottom of the passenger mirror, the camera switches on whenever you activate the turn signal or push the manual control button at the end of the turn-signal stalk.

to sum it up my choice is the accord. affordable. and easy to drive with such wide angle back up cameras and sensors and of course, VCM.

look at voltesV

the last test drive was that of the mazda6 with skyactive.

HERE ARE MORE VIDEOS of my coverage (im still in the process of uploading them)

at the exit,(and entrance) car enthusiast will be bought back in time, when Lancers rule the streets, and Kia pride is the peoples car. and the old classic  MBenz the first VW bettle, iconic civic EG , the first generation mazda miata are all presented. old cars from past to present.

lootbags include nissan umbrellas, caps from toyota, refreshments, stickers from honda's  photobooth
mug from just voting on the car of the yr, tshirts from delium

the 2014 PIMS is  a big car show, with lots of activities from each car company for 100.00 you may testdrive each car brand from the stetch till Mall Of Asia , you have complimentary refreshments, and lootbags from each car company.

This is your loverboy DENNIS signing out hope you guys enjoyed my coverage.

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