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Thursday, September 4, 2014

my 1st mid size sedan-the cefiro

the Infiniti 130 is a Nissan Cefiro And the Maxima nameplate is used in the
America,  While the Cefiro nameplate used in Asian countries including the PHilippines
was gone in 2003(after the cefiro a33), it had been used as a name for the Nissan
Teana (J31) which is its direct replacement. The Cefiro name is used in Hong Kong,
Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, Latin America, and the Caribbean (now usin the Teana brand)
the luxury brand is now comparable with the new Altima also from Nissan.

The Cefiro was made available in 1988 (a31 body) as a four door sedan, with its
rear wheel drive chassis being shared with the R32 Skyline. Its second iteration
ditched the A31's sports car like pretensions and became a front wheel drive mid sized luxury sedan.
The Infiniti counterpart was born in other parts of the globe although not for sale here.

The first generation Cefiro didn't become a hit among consumers due to the prohibitive price back then. It was briefly sold from 1988-1990 now the a31 is used for drifting and is selling much higher than the luxury sedan (a32 body).

In late 1996, Nissan brought in the A32 Cefiro and was the first car to offer an
automatic climate control system, keyless entry (alarm systems where a novelty back then),
automatic gas tank release, and a disc changer. It became a best seller, outselling
competitors, and we know why, because rich filipinos experienced the power of the  first 3.0 v6 24 valve (vq30de)engine with top speed of 260kph in one luxury mid sized sedan package.

the nissan cefiro a32 is easy to VIP setup, just drop a 20 inches rims, and an airsuspension, then remove the tints. premium sound setup is not a necessity, a good carshow paint from ur sponsor and its guaranteed to win an award. thats why when my friend Edwin Aquino offered me his rare cefiro with VQ30DE manual transmission. I took his offer.

I got my cefiro last June 7 , exactly 8 yrs after I got my gray FEROZA, its a dream to drive. its fresh, the interior is still new, the only thing  that needs to be taken care of is the powerful engine and the registration. other than that, all is good.

the front grlle is simple with modified headlights
this is a rare model. 3.0J
cockpit is still in  imaculate condition
seatcover is OK.

it came with a VQ30DE  200hp stock
till here, this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out

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