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Sunday, September 7, 2014



So whats MMDA's temporary solution to this $#@$#@ass traffic in Manila? except taking a different route to Manila?
NONE i can think of, except close down all gasoline stations. so no car would be travveling,

While on traaaaaffic, we notice while every car is parked, there are a number of cars that are modified
in some ways to make it look good.
Other car owners modify their rides to their taste character and others copy it based on car magazines, others have wild crazy modifications, like putting stickers & fake CF
stickers all around as if the stickers will make it look Carbon fiber!
boys, It is still a heavy hood! with a CF sticker that can easily be damage with
a scratch from a puddycat!

I want my cars clean, no stickers, no exploding exhaust(since my engine is not even boosted)
no flash Stance-(d) wheels, no sticker bomb, just clean, simple as stock looking as possible
but.... that's my opinion,  to each his own.

and.... why not try your luck at car modification that save gas? that would be new.

here is my list of DOs and Dont's mod for cars, in my humble opinion

Anyone else feel like there is a car out there that has at least  3 of these? (Im guilty)
I HAVE to find it and take a snapshot before that #$@#!kng selfiebill gets approved.

ex. A chrome stanced diesel pick up with stickers and HID and pillar kits that also
has bags and can lift itself up.

so here goes.

keeping it stock.

golden rule of car mod. choose a theme, JDM, EuDM, PHDM?
Stock looks good. stock is always good. keep it clean and simple remove the "menyak" tints
and show em how good looking you are. its useless to overtint your car and put a  #W#@king HID thats
not on stock ballast. giving that blinding glare to passing vehicles in front.

looking old and rusty.

ive seen a rusty newer model sedan [the sticker makes it look rusty] roaming around and it
doesnt look good. people stares at it, more of the surprised look stare of disapproval.
Depends on the car or engine to me, sometimes this can be done well (think ratrods with a
nice shelby427 and straight pipes. and so I would give ratrods a special exemption,
along with certain old streetable drag cars and such. But anything less
than 40 years old... No surrr.

I'm here to confirm that "straight pipes" aren't cool on anything other than race cars
or hot rods.

cheap Taiwan HID  over the shelf kits.

There's nothing wrong with wanting new, strong headlights.
Shooting the finest cheap HID kit you can get at 'banawe' into the eyes of oncoming
drivers is not good though. (am guilty here)

Sticker Overload

For every tracktard who puts kill stickers for their runs at macapagal or
shell marcos, there's a guy with eighteen 'illest' outlines, a ‘no fat chicks' line, and
a couple shocker stickers for good measure, too.

Car Chrome 
unless its a Phiippine Jeepney, or an owner jeep, Your chromed car might look cool,
but everyone is going to think that it doesnt look good.

the rest of the world is not so kind. Im not saying you're a *&ick for chroming your
BRZ/86, but people will think you're a Justin Beiber wannabe. Any of these modifications
can be awesome, but people are going to think you're an #ss if you do any of them.

Rear wing spoiler on a sedan

fly fly fly. 80hp and you seems to fly fly fly
Yes I believe GT-wings do help in actual racing even in FF
cars. But for street use, they are next to useless on FF cars if you're looking at

I mean, What is the GT wing gonna be for if your less than 100hp car street cars
aint as fast or isn't going to be doing such action like high profile jap racecars?
spoon, mugen, jun automechanic, and other jap aftermarket companies may not be making GT wings.
but they do make spoilers


Stretched tires, tons of negative camber, and suspension slammed to the ground. Driving a stanced car is like commuting to work on a bicycle that's on fire, or showing up for your school photo in a speedo and a rainbow wig. It's such a bad idea that you just applaud the commitment. Your average road user is less forgiving and will think your car is broken.

til here, this has been your loverboy DENNIS signing out

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