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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

riding the LRT is at pasenger's risk.

The Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 1 is the first metro line of the Manila Light Rail Transit System. Presently, the line contains twenty stations and runs on 19.65 kilometers (12.21 mi) of fully elevated route. The line is colored yellow (old) and green (new) on all LRT maps. SOURCE: wikiperia

start tagalog recording: "Paalala sa mga pasahero, Safety Reminders lang po. Ugaliin po nating humawak sa mga safety handrails, at iwasang sandalan ang magkabilang pintuan ng tren. Huwag po nating gagalawin ang anumang emergency devices na matatagpuan sa ibabaw ng mga pintuan ng tren. Mahigpit pong ipinagbabawal ang pagkain, pag-inom, at paninigarilyo sa loob ng tren, istasyon at mga terminal. Paki double-check lang po ang ating mga gamit, lalung lalo na po ang mga bag, cellphone, at wallet, at paki-ingatan po natin ang magnetic card na gagamitin natin sa paglabas ng istasyon. Maraming salamat sa inyong pag-tangkilik sa ‪LRT, at magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat" end -tagalog recording. NOW WE KNOW.

Thats the very message every commuter knows by heart, its repeatedly announced since I was young,
 I rode the LRT a a couple of decades ago, same goes with the MRT. during Edsa 2, Edsa 3, I rode the MRT to ortigas Station meet  someone special then and to bring her home safe.  Safe. SAFE back then.
over time, a few major mishaps and accidents have happened, like the Dec 30, 2000  Rizal day LRT bombing, and a umber of accidents, even reports of doors opening while the train is moving

I live in Monumento area, I know how it feels to commute using the LRT, and the MRT
I wish the MRT line here in Monumento would connect to the ones in North Ave Station.
LRT/ MRT commuters have long complained of long queues, congested train coaches, frequent MRT breakdown, numerous accidents and overall inefficient service. This belies the usual refrain that privatization solves the inefficiencies of public utilities. Instead of looking for new investors, government should use this opportunity to build a genuine mass transport system, dba Rence?

thsi scene was a reminder of the sorry state of mass transport in Metro Manila. While the Department of Transportation and Communication’s (DOTC) investigation pointed to human error as the main reason for the accident, the statements from DOTC  on the accident raises more questions than the answer that he provided.

LRT is called the metrorail during the Marcos times, safe a safe (during that time).
The Metro Rail Transit Corporation is a private consortium responsible for the maintenance of the Manila Metro Rail Transit System. It is also the original contractor for the MRT-3 project. It runs the MRT-3 in coordination with the DOTC. 

efforts have been made to make commuters feel "safe" like placing bomb sniffing doggies(who sleep most of the time) they are not  doggies by the way, they're Belgian Malinois, only sleeping on duty.
heres another one, CHECK THIS OUT brothers, live cctv!  
MRT CCTV broadcasting live

The problem with Filipino bureaucrats, regardless of which govt agency they manage, everytime they are interviewed by media, they almost always know what the problem(s) is and then they go on to say things like “…dapat this dapat that, (and they go on to describe some form of solution to fix the problem)…”.  they pretend to know what the problem is because they are in national TV, they pretend to be the know it all, and the solution needed to address the problem – then how come the problems keep persisting and in most cases is getting worse! Mass rail system here in the Philippines sucks, traffic in Metro Manila sucks, the squatter (do not try to sell me that bs term “informal settlers” as that is only for the idiots) situation, and public service from all levels of govt sucks. Therefore life as a commuter in the Philippines .. (sorry again for the term).. SSSSSsucks! oh by the way, informal settlers are the voting community, they cant be gone, they're always there. for more votes, and there is a big syndicate operating within the circle, and its a big Billion peso business.

The government has funds, as the PDAF and DAP issues have shown us. It has also shown that it can allocate billions of pesos on transport with its 2014 and 2015 budgets. Why can’t it then think beyond looking at government as a business and start looking at government as providing genuine services?

sorry for the early morning rants , this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out. 

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