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Monday, September 15, 2014

100 days before christmas

Begins on September 16, and leads you day-by-day toward a peaceful and meaningful holiday season.

I like to be organised and try my very best to prepare for large and expensive
December events (well in advance of course) .
Christmas is one such event I like to prepare a few months in advance. ill be shopping with
my friends Lawrence Edwin and William earlier to divisoria just to get prepared as I have saved
money as early as summer, a hundred a day.

A quick heads up. There are just one hundred days until Christmas day. 100 days,
that it is – or 99 days and a load of hours and minutes and seconds and stuff,
if you want to be creative. If you’re like me and like to enjoy the month of
December without stress and panic and you haven’t already started, now is the perfect
time to start preparing and start saving.

I always get so stressed about Christmas, being a poor single adult a 41 and what not.
It’s such a shame because it’s my favourite time of year! we're in the Philippines! where christmas
is celebrated as early as the coming first day of the ber month.

my tip?

Put away 100.00 a day and you have a nice stash of money for food,
travel to divisoria, little gifts for little God(kids)children or anything else
which might crop up on  your budget list. (like another second hand car-for yourself! )
It’s an easy way to keep mindful of what you’re budgeting for, so grab yourself a
dedicated bin of some kind and plonk a 100 peso bill or assortment of loose 
20.00  /  50.00 change in there today or (better)- every day until you have a
nice amount to buy yupr family Christmas dinner and enough christmas fairy lights
to beautify your local barangay. haha!

of course before we experience Christmas in December, we still have to go through
a few more monstous storms and typhoons coming our way specially in the end days
of November.

Well, For me? I have to save for the more than 30 dozen of sidecarboys,
marketvendors, neighbors, friends, friend of friends, relative of friends, members
of the entire barangay hall and my personal friends.
and of course, for my family, and myself.(hopefully another old car to restore haha!)

As the Christmas cheer begins to spring within us, as the not so cool but warm
morning breeze (because the cold breeze starts on Jan 2015) still continues to blow,
and as we mark the 100th day before Christmas,let me greet you guys and wishing

you a merry 100 days until Christmas.

this is your loverboy DENNIS signing out.

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