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Sunday, September 14, 2014

end of an era -galant vr4

Long before WRX and Evo's roamed the roads, there was the Galant VR4 (E39A)

I have so loved the galant eversince the 6G , 7G and 8G came out. for the 
3 generations produced. 

I like the 6G vr4 and amg version, specially the vr4 7G  with almost 200hp 
stock engine,4wd sunroof.

this is the last trim of the vr4 the 8th generation with 200hp 4x4 and probably the best design mitsubishi ever produced  for the masses

look at the above picture of the 8G vr4...there isn't an angle that can be viewed on this car that is short of anything but magnificence. An absolute masterpiece of design

since an original vr4 locally is close to imposible for its rareness ,
my bet has always been the 7G rayban galant. and I got mine for a bargain!

heres my Galant 7G in the paint processing stage. the project will be completed before this month ends

during repaint from Aug 28-Sept 15

this is my ideal engine, the 6a12TT

For decades, the Mitsubishi Galant assumed the role of fringe player 
in the local family-sedan game. While representing a good value for the 
budget-conscious consumer, (900k for bnew back then) it was no match for the 
class leaders due to its small backseat, (no match for the cefiro) mostly 
mediocre powertrains and uninspiring interior design and execution.
Having watched other automakers successfully supersize their sedans with premium 
features and larger V6s under the hood, (like the Accord and camry) Mitsubishi 
knew not to fight the tide when it came time to redesign the Galant. 

the galant came in 4 and 6 cylinder engines. 
most four-cylinder-powered midsize competitors would ultimately be a better, 
more rewarding choice.
Smooth gearshifts are achieved thanks to the efficient 4 cylinder engine, 
providing a spirited, yet composed ride and drive. All of the premium features expected of a Mitsubishi are offered

it has been an excellent car - better maintenance than an Accord. We particularly liked the auto four speed the over drive button on the gear shift. 
 The only draw back has been the last two years the suspension had been less than stellar.
it lacks Safety features such as antilock disc brakes, traction control, front-seat side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags ,  resale value is also not a strong point.

Though underpowered, Ive found the Mitsubishi Galant to be one of the more fun-to-drive family sedans. When cornering, the Galant remains flat and predictable and feels smaller than it is. The ride is smooth and composed, yet a surprising amount of feedback from the road is transmitted through the steering wheel. In terms of overall refinement and feature content, however, the Galant has been surpassed by newer competing models.
the 7g supersaloon soldiered on through those years, juggling content and trim levels, but was destined to remain a second-tier value player due to its relatively compact dimensions, cramped interior,  four-cylinder power and lack of overall refinement. Don't expect great things from this generation, but if you manage to find one, it's likely to be bargain-priced.

Now, we cannot see a brand new VR4 anywhere in the world. because its not for sale anymore, Mitsubishi has already stopped production of the VR4. and since 1999 Mitsubishi sucks at producing the galant.

paintworks halted due to typhoon Luis

This has been  loverboy DENNIS signing off. till then. its gonna be a long night because of this typhoon. keep safe.

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