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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sosro fruit tea

Have you heard and tasted fruit juice? yeah I know you have even in your early childhood
during recess, and after play, but have you heard about the term fruit tea?  Maybe not.
Fruit tea is a liquid mixture with mixed essence of various fruits. it enlightens your mind
and give strength to your senses.
Last week, at the recently concluded  event  called Blogapalooza 2015 last Sunday,
Oct.25, I visited a booth and was treated to two bottles of SOSRO Fruit tea. and I have
tried it out while stuck in traffic, after a good jog, after wushu practice indeed a great way
to be refreshed and its available near our place(SM HYPERMART).

Monday, October 26, 2015

blogapalooza 2015

the biggest Business to Bloogger event is back again! (the 1st one I attended was
This year, Blogapalooza was scheduled on a Sunday, and its so happened that its my
brother's birthday(Oct. 25) I was surprised that  this year's venue is a much smaller one
compared to last years, but I had so much fun compared to last year. Meeting a lot a lot
of people and getting to know their services through friendly one on one interactions,
games( which I lost all the time) and raffles (I lost) is an awesome way to experience
getting connected.

It has been 2 days already but I won't let this passed by without sharing with you my
great experience on my 2nd Blogapalooza event. (I missed the first one held at Fully
booked) last Sunday, while missing someone badly,  (yes u knw who u are!)
I remember attending this yearly blogging event.