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Monday, October 26, 2015

blogapalooza 2015

the biggest Business to Bloogger event is back again! (the 1st one I attended was
This year, Blogapalooza was scheduled on a Sunday, and its so happened that its my
brother's birthday(Oct. 25) I was surprised that  this year's venue is a much smaller one
compared to last years, but I had so much fun compared to last year. Meeting a lot a lot
of people and getting to know their services through friendly one on one interactions,
games( which I lost all the time) and raffles (I lost) is an awesome way to experience
getting connected.

It has been 2 days already but I won't let this passed by without sharing with you my
great experience on my 2nd Blogapalooza event. (I missed the first one held at Fully
booked) last Sunday, while missing someone badly,  (yes u knw who u are!)
I remember attending this yearly blogging event.

started at 10am to 9pm at One Esplanade, SM Central Business Park, Seaside
corner Bay Boulevard, Pasay City. drove to the event alone,  parking was not a problem

I got to meet and greet  bloggers like me who are experts in their field, also sponsors
and even celebrities. and also met some of  my old friends Lawrence, Philip. great guys
who introduced and inspired me to blog more and the main reason why I got the chance
to attend this.

Blogapalooza hopes to bring these influencers to help them get familiarized with the
newest,  trendiest ,coolest products out in the market this year. Lots of giveaways for
the bloggers and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product and
market their brand. its a link between big and small businesses who have something
cool to share and the online community of people who love to tell and share their
experiences. here are some shots I took...

oh, and don't forget the REGISTRATION. Its veeeery important that you register yourself
because the Blogapalooza event was by invite only. you could only claim your loot bag
with your name tag given at the event.

Bloggers will receive a giveaway , like a promotional item from each booth to be 
able to review it. The main idea is to have a blogger experience something to ensure they 
are able to write about it honestly. (including the negative side). Bloggers usually blog 
about the event mentioning sponsors, the reviews that they do for each product 
and the service they receive.

Since it was around lunch time already, I was getting a bit hungry. Let me just again
reiterate how awesome Blogapalooza is for also providing yummy food at the event.
thanks to Philip and Rence who tipped me on this. We also had free drinks care

There were other celebrities and sponsors who presented their line of business and
products. but too bad I wasn't able to take pictures because we were so busy to
roam around every booth.

this is your LOVERBOY  Dennis Signing out.

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  1. Very lucky to have a selfie with Maxene! Hehe. Looking forward to meeting you on the next one. :)

    ♥ Louise |