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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

its time for Collecticon 2015

Growing up in the 70′s I loved a ton of Japanese cartoons that one of the local
TV stations played, such as Mazinger Z, BALATAK, Chōdenji Machine Voltes V
Grendizer, Gaiking, and Geta Robot, Daimos etc.
So who are some of your favorite robots? Yes, I know I left out some great robots.

Want that nostalgic tingle when you see the 12 original Star Wars action figures
and diecast vintage robot on exhibit and on sale? come to

All toys will be for sale for the duration of the exhibition

the booth will showcase an exhibition of all things PLAYFUL and FUN
for the retro fanatic adult with a growing passion for vintage robots.

RETRO TOYS is always present 4times a year in 4 big exhibits at Megamall.
After a year of waiting, its time for another toy exhibit the one before the
Christmas Toy exhibit- COLLECTICON 2015.
Now on its 8th year,  Pinoy Toy Kolektors (PTK) and HOBBYWORKS proudly
present another year of fun and surprises at the 9th Collecticon 2015 this coming
September 26 and 27.

This event is a two day public weekend gathering of  toy enthusiasts that are
also collectors. here are some of the event highlights:

– Toy Photography Contest
– Puppet  Display & Performance 
– Cosplay Contest
– Kpop & Dance Contest
– Toy Display from 15 of the local Toy Groups
– Lifesize Statue Display
– Toy Groups Trivia Contest & Discussions
– Funko Pop Customization Contest
– 60 of the country’s top toys and hobbies exhibitor/sellers
– Top comic book artist sketches and commission area
– Gundam Caravan
– Live Band Performances
– Customizer’s Clinic featuring top local customizers
– 1/18 Scale Toy Diorama Contest
– 1/12 Scale Toy Custom Contest
– 1/6 Scale Customizing Contest

Ive decided to compile the pictures from the first and the second day of COLLECTICON

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out.

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