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Monday, August 31, 2015

Walk with Chan:Quezon circle tour

Its been a long time since the LOVERBOY talked about his weekly
adventures. Sorry for the long delay. I've been inactive for the whole
August , Sorry.

P.O.S. (Philippine Orchid Society) has organized it's 69th Mid-year  Orchid and
Garden Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle which runs from August 28 to
September 7, 2015.

With its theme "Enriching Lives and Building Opportunities Through Orchids".
It is my 2nd time to attend this horticulture event thanks to Lawrence for inviting
me. for this year I did not make it to the ingress, and the opening  rites,
Saw many familiar faces during the show. friends from social media and fellow
orchid enthusiast.

here are some of the pictures I took during the show.

Last Saturday, Aug 29th, I attended  a  free tour organized by Lawrence of Walk with
Chan to tour us around Quezon City circle, the Quezon  heritage house, the Quezon
Shrine  under the eliptical Monument.

We were told that we would drop by the Quezon Shrine after the orchid show.
after the shrine we proceed to the Quezon heritage house. a few meters away.
The heritage house complements the nearby Quezon Museum, which features exhibits
about the president’s political career.

Our first stop was the nearby Shrine...

 the QC Memorial Shrine, is  located inside the circle at the heart
of the Quezon City. This is were memorabilia, photos, and Quezon's tomb is placed.

Here are some more pictures  of what you see inside the shrine. I did not upload
much, (of course) so you could visit. after all its FREE.
the audio visual presentation

photo exhibit

the big Presidential dry seal

where the constitution is placed

President Quezon died on August 1 1944 in Saranac Lake, New York and was
first buried at Arlington Cemetery. His remains were flown home in the Philippines
after 2 years July 27, 1946 and were re entered in Manila North Cemetery in
August 1, 1946.

On August 19, 1978, his 100th birth anniversary, his remains were exhumed and
 finally laid to rest in the granite mausoleum, the central point of the shrine.

The Quezon Heritage House is believed to be the only existing house that is
associated with President Quezon and his family.

The family used it as a weekend house until they were forced to flee to Corregidor
in 1941 and later to the United States in 1942 because of the war.

you will observe that the theme of the heritage house is home and family. That’s
why when you look at the exhibits, it’s about his life with his children and the activities
of his wife Aurora.

The structure itself is Neoclassical. But when you get inside, there are sculptures that are very classical

60% of the materials from the original house including the rounded
steel stair,  were used in the recreated one at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

If you want to know about Quezon as the Commonwealth president and as the
politician, visit the Quezon Museum. If you want to know about his personal life,
visit the heritage house.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis  Signing out..

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