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Sunday, July 5, 2015

cactus seminar

Last Saturday July 4, 2015 Cactus and Succulent Society organized a free
seminar on how to take care of cactus and succulents, how to identify them
and how to love them even more. the seminar was held at Gancayco Hall
Quezon Circle from 2pm-3pm.

the seminar's speaker is sir Lino Rom.

below, are the videos, in 6 parts for those who failed to attend.

[video 1 ]        [video 3]                  [video 5]

[video 2]         [video 4]                 [video 6]

This Cactus seminar was undoubtedly a great success, not only because of its
good attendance and the active participation of all enthusiast, (members and
newbies and non members like me.) but also thanks to its content, as we were
given clear explanations, ideas and examples on how to properly water them,
proper care, and preparation for the coming rainy days therefore, we left the
seminar as better enthusiast.

what did I learn?
a lot.

It is a widely believed myth that cacti and succulents need very little water, 
and that cacti in particular can go forever without it. It is usually assumed that 
cacti in the desert never receive any water and if that's the case they should be
kept dry when we grow them in pots. That is not correct. 

Succulents should never be given just 'drizzles' of water or watered when the 
owner thinks the plant hasn't been watered for a while and feels guilty for neglecting 
it or watered on a weekly or monthly schedule. The plants need to be thoroughly 
watered when they need it. By thoroughly watered I learned, that it is- watered 
until the water runs out the bottom of the pot. The water needs to reach all the 
roots in the pot otherwise some of those roots will dry up and die. 

Repeated die-off of the roots from lack of water or too much water  will stress 
the plant and set it back from growing normally  and a very weak plant which will
eventually die or be open to all sorts of disease and pest problems.

for 50.00 we are given a cactus starter and 2 hrs of informative lecture
On behalf of my fellow Cactus lovers, thank you very much for the organizing
such a productive seminar and for a day in which we could explore some new
areas in cacti care also making new friends.

cu on the next event next yr, Jan 16, 2016.
POS(Phil Orchid Society) Garden show is on Aug. 29 to Sept 7.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. 

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  1. Hi Dennis let me know when is your next seminar. I'm interested to
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