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Thursday, June 25, 2015

the week that was: TOYCON 2015

Its another year of toy hunting for collectors! Megatrade Halls 1-3 is the Venue
where toy geeks unite and converge, they will find the toys that they don't normally
see in big toy stores. inside, you'll get to see crowds that love toys, yes, big boys

who can afford toys as expensive as your Nike Apparel!  you'll see kids being trained
by their toy collector daddy on how to identify each old toy, others are into cosplay,
recreating huge action figures, or imitating their TV heroes, others just love to hunt
childhood toys when their parents couldn't buy them before, or when their childhood
toys gets destroyed during playtime, to sum up, This is just the place for You and me
to look around.

this year is our 2nd year to join this grand event as RETRO TOYS concentrating on
old nostalgic vintage toys from yesteryears.

TOYCON 2015 just celebrated 14 years of awesome collectible toys, action 
figures, robots, games, comics, anime, hobbies and other cute collectibles for 3 days
that lasted from June 19-20,21 at the SM Megatrade Halls 1, 2 and 3(stage area)
10AM – 9PM. next year's TOYCON will be at SMX, MALL OF ASIA, PASAY.

because I think this year's event is very crowded. you cant even carry your pizza!
and its not fit for kids either. one kid nearly got lost, and it wont be a good experience
for toddlers too because its so overcrowded on the second day that the cooling system

cooling efficiency gets affected. theres also a policy of "break it buy it" and we cant
blame the little kids from experimenting hands-on or suddently dropping a vintage toy
while curiously exploring.

Weeks prior, there was a grand launch for the the World of DC and Collectors’
Exhibit and the World Cosplay Summit at The Plaza at Newport Mall, and an exhibit
for DC action figure collectors at SM.

For this year, as expected, a huge swarm of toy collectors, cosplayers, toy enthusiasts,
and toy fans with their kids and family were present on the first and second day, on the
third day, some even bought along their dad because its fathers day, and I feel really
sad observing them because me and my brother were at our booth. and cannot spend
father's day with dad.

We know that  after egress, because of the traffic we will be home past 12.

As usual am with my two pretty staff. Keren and Eunice.

This year’s TOYCON,  highlights the World of DC Comics and its characters.
there is a magnificent HULK statue to the right of Hall 3 and a HULK BUSTER more
than life sized statue to the left of Hall 3.

IFLIX, the main Internet service provider in Southeast Asia, made its presence
known  in the event, showcasing its unlimited access to movies and TV series. and
with english speaking pretty attendants. visitors are given 30 day trial passes content
is found at

A Marvel Interactive exhibit of the smallest superhero Antman and a display of
artworks and collectibles of Universal Pictures I also visited exhibits from 1/6th
Republic, Planet Krypton, the Pinoy Lego Users Group, found friends from Coca-Cola
Collectibles in their exhibit at hall 3, FunkoFunatic Philippines, and the Pinoy Sixth
Scale collectors exhibit. also saw Alodia and her sister there. no pics this time because
I was charging my cam phone and wifi sucks.

my favorite was the brass voltes V figure, the lighted ironman and ultron Statue at
Hall2 and the hulkbuster at hall 3.

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. See you in a few months (Sept.)for
Collecticon 2015

TOYCON 2015 is co-presented by Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies- Collective, Inc., IFLIX, and World of DC. Sponsors 
are Authority Hoodie, MaxiCollector, Pacific Licensing, Toonami,Toy Empire, Toy Kingdom, Walt Disney Studios, 
Warner Brother Pictures, and Warner TV. Supported by Big Boys Toy Store, Bruder Toys, Great Toys Online, the Gaming 
Library, Lynelle House of Fashion,  OISHI, Pioneer Films, PLDT Home DSL and PLDT Home Telpad, Sphero, Transfer It, 
Kramer Toy and Universal Pictures. Media partners are ABS-CBN, 99.5 Play FM, 103.5 K-Lite, FHM, HERO, 
Malaya Business Insight,  MTV Pinoy. Event partners are Anime Alliance, FlipGeeks, Komikon, Medium 3 and Resorts 
World Manila.

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