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Saturday, June 13, 2015

LAKAD PAMANA2015: San Miguel de Mayumo heritage tour

credits to Lito Ligon for the pictures

The tourism industry is unlike any other...mainly because  instead of a product, you
are selling a place and all the things it has to offer. You are competing with the entire
world every time you promote tourism in a given destination, and this high level of
competition demands a creative and unique approach.
credits to Lito Ligon for the pictures

To be successful, your marketing should constantly put forth the best possible image
of your destination, while creating interest on a broad scale in as many ways as possible.

Yesterday was independence day, there are a lot of simultaneous activities to
commemorate the country's independence. I cant be in all places at the same time. I
decided to be with my friends from AHP & Bulacan. and joined a Bulacan Heritage
tour entitled: LAKAD PAMANA 2015. its a walk and visit inside Heritage
houses of San Miguel De Mayumo.

I want to thank my friend sir Lito Ligon for the ride, learned a lot of history facts
during our travel to San Miguel. we met early at 6am and  was very early for registration
at the San Miguel Catholic church.where we are met by the friendly organizers.
also from the fb groups I joined.
mirienda time pic
here are some videos my friend uploaded : Ill post it here

[video 1]  [video 2] [video 3]
In this blog, i will compile all pictures in several videos because it wont fit here.(but
most of the pictures are separated in 6 albums in my facebook account)
this is the best original well preserved house in all San Miguel de Mayumo.
the donya valeriana velayo mansion. everything is original, no repaint, no varnish

the towns in Bulacan, Pampanga, Taal, Vigan  have a rich collection of heritage
houses mostly preserved until this day. unlike here in Manila(San Nicholas) where
they are less than 30 houses.

whats saddens me is when irreplaceable structures are destroyed, damaged beyond
repair, instead of preserved and protected as they deserve.

Even more heart breaking is when heritage structures are destroyed so that newer
commercial structures may be erected. this gives way to new spaces for the construction
of more boring structures and malls. since they claim that malls earn big money and kids
love them. and finally. absolutely no government support. so Heritage lovers are always
on our own, fighting this loosing battle.

and reminder to ALL: A plaque pointing out “on this site a great building once stood”
can’t tell that story you know.

the most important thing in organizing an out of town heritage tour is the convoy
the meeting place and the carpool. if this is organized well, every heritage tour
will be successful as the organizers can invite participants from different parts of
 the Ilusorio Mansion, San Idelfonso

Heritage tourism like this helps make historic preservation economically viable by using
historic structures and landscapes to attract and educate travelers.

its traveling to experience the places, old antiques, artifacts and activities that
authentically represent the stories and people of the past, because we all know that
heritage travelers stay longer and spend more money than other tourist.

The human drama of history tours is what WE, visitors want to discover, not just
names and dates. for organizers and tour guides, Interpreting sites ares important,
and so are presenting a heritage house as creative and exciting. (as what my friend
credits to Lito Ligon for the pictures

John did) Find ways to engage as many of the visitor’s five senses as you can.
We will remember 10% of what we HEAR, 30% of what we READ 50%, of
what we SEE, and 90% of what they DO.

The true story of your area is the one worth telling. The story of the authentic
contributions previous generations have made to the history and culture of where you
live is the one that will interest tourist and participants, its what distinguishes your area
from every other place on earth. yesterday's tour was a successful  tour. rate: 9/10

the guides were not so formal, which everyone loved! and they know their history, they
know what to say. and after the tour, everybody is happy. because everyone met new
friends along the way. thats how Heritage Tourism should be. not formal, informative
and interactive.

before I end this blog, I want to share my ancestral lineage (from the father side)

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out. till the next heritage tour.
june 13, 2015

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