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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

its time for toycon 2015

born in 1973, am a child of the 80s…that most outrageous and colorful of all decades. 
I repeat..ALL.

The excess and overindulgence of the 80s was unavoidable. It was reckless. And 
it was soaked in neon hues. This was no more evident than in the fashion, pop stars, 
movies and television of the time. and not to forget... the toys!

That isn't to say there was nothing consequential or more far-reaching happening 
in the world. The war against drugs was in full swing,  AIDS was introduced,
as was the Cold War and the end of my HS life.

and for the children who lived it, (like me, and Derrick Ko), who breathed it…
everything that was important about the 80s, everything that mattered, 
So many awesome cartoons! So many awesome toy commercials! 

Every cartoon had a toy line and every toy line had its cartoon 
(yes, kids actually played with toys a very, very long time ago). 
It was a magical era for sure…and RETRO TOYS intends to serve up a slice 
of that nostalgia this June 19-21 at our toy exhibition at 
BOOTH 115 named RETRO TOYS. Join us as we celebrate the cartoons and toys 
from the raddest decade ever!

the Fashion Hall's comfort room and the SM Food courts is not a dressing room
Bulky costumes should be removed when going to the washroom.
for photogs, setup of your photography equipment are not allowed at the walkway.
No loitering at the lobby and walkway

You can now purchase tickets in advance for June 19-21 Toycon 2015 event!
You  can buy online or purchase it at any branches of SM Tickets in SM Supermalls
nationwide. see you at Megatrade halls 1-3

Tickets are also available for purchase at the event gate on June 19-21 in
Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

Tomorow, June 18, 2015, ingress for exhibitors and booth owners.

Day 1 - June 19, 2015, FRIDAY

10:00am - Gate opens
10:30am - Toycon stage screenings
11:30am - Bruder Toys
12:00nn - IFLIX
12:30pm - World of DC Comics trivia game
1:00pm - Toycon stage screenings
1:30pm - performance
2:00pm - Gaming Library live boardgame - Daybreak
2:30pm - Dreamsicle band performance
3:00pm- Toycon featurette
3:30pm - Famouse Superheroes Battle Trivia Game with Flipgeeks
4:00pm - Midnight Channel band performance
4:30pm - Coke Collectors Club Philippines panel talk
4:40pm - Coke Induction Ceremony
5:00pm - Toycon Pop Quiz Night Round 1
6:30pm - Vanishing Blue band performance
7:00pm - IFLIX
7:30pm - Jojo Bizarres toy group panel talk
8:00pm - Toycon Pop Quiz Night Round 2
10:00pm - Day 1 end

Day 2 - June 20, 2015, SATURDAY

10:00am - Gate opens
11:00am - Ribbon cutting ceremony
11:20am - Star Wars group and Philippne 501st
11:45am - Meet Elrick Jundis, Star Wars episode 2 Jedi actor
12:00nn - Toycon screenings
12:15pm - Panel talk with Malaysian toy designer Luk Chee Chew
12:30pm - Sphero product feature
12:45pm - Enchanted PH cosplay meet and greet
12:45pm - IFLIX
1:00pm - Panel talk: Toy collecting 101 with toy groups
1:30pm - Panel talk: The new Golden Age of Comics with Komikon, Flipgeeks and Whats a geek
1:45pm - Disney XD - Guardians of the Galaxy animated series
2:00pm - Timelight Panorama band performance
2:15pm - Doraemon and friends
2:30pm - Panel talk: Jun Sabayton and cast of Tanods web series
3:00pm - Panel talk: Gaming segment with Reimaru Files
3:15pm - Minions live!
3:30pm - Midnight Meetings band performance
3:45pm - Authority Hoodie fashion show
4:00pm - Alodia Gosiengfiao meet and greet
4:00pm - Toycon Cosplay Universe solo category
5:00pm - Valley of Chrome band performance
5:15pm - IFLIX
5:30pm - Panel talk: Marvel Comics and cinematic world
5:45pm - Feature: Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy animated
6:00pm - Minions Live!
6:30pm - Verbacoma band performance
7:00pm - Announcement of all contest winners for day 2
8:00pm - Video game challenge
9:00pm - The Grand Raffle / prize: Man of steel statue from Maxicollector
10:00pm - Last minute shopping

Day 3 - June 21, 2015, SUNDAY

10:00am - Gate opens
11:00am - Toycon screenings
11:30am - Toycon fan films
12:00pm - Famous Superheroes Battle Trivia
12:30pm - Shinkan band performance
12:45pm - Gaming Library - Word on the Street
1:15pm - Borealis dance group
1:45pm - Panel talk: Star wars The Fans Awaken
2:00pm - Panel Talk: Marvel Comics by Whats a Geek and Flipgeeks
2:15pm - Guardians of the Galaaxy Animated series
2:30pm - World of DC panel talk
2:45pm - V Project dance group
3:00pm - Authority Hoodie Fashion show
3:30pm - Doraemon and Friends
3:45pm - Midnight Channel  band performance
4:00pm - Toycon Cosplay Universe Group category
5:00pm - Surface Intensions band performance
5:30pm - Autoletic band performance
6:00pm - IFLIX
6:30pm - Jeepney Joyride band performance
7:00pm - Asterysk band performance
7:30pm - Philippine Wrestling Revolution
7:45pm - Announcement of all contest winners
8:00pm - Video game battle
9:00pm - Grand Raffle
10:00pm - Toycon ends. egress

on June 19-21 visit RETRO TOYS  at Booth # 115 and Watch out for
our pretty staffs Keren and Eunice .

For more information on schedule of activities and event details please visit:

This is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out. see you on Fri
at TOYCON 2015


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