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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pasig River Ferry ride

last Sunday I was lucky to have experienced a river ride in all my 41 yrs of living in
the city. part of the Sentimental walk down memory lane, a project of my friend Chito
and the organizing committee, everybody enjoyed. all went home with a smile.

The Pasig River, which stretches for 25 kilometers from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay,
serves as a major transport route, source of water, and lifeline of one of the biggest
freshwater lakes in the world -Laguna de Bay.and we know its a vital ecosystem
and an irreplaceable natural resource.

Yet, for centuries the Pasig River has been used, abused, and neglected. Since the
early 1500s, commerce and day-to-day needs have pressed Pasig and its tributaries
into tireless service.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sentimental walk down memory lane.

Yesterday, I had two events supposedly, the tour of Lawrence Chan at the 
Quezon house, part of the events highlighting the HORTIKULTURA
EXTRAVAGANZA 2015 & this one. -Sentimental walk down memory lane.
I have booked this tour with my friend Chito and dear friends from the 
organizing commitee, since October of last yr, and so I decided to reserve a 
slot with Chito during the El Hogar scanning last year.

pic by Kapt. Buddy

I arrived early. 5:30am and I thought ill be all alone, to my surpise, friends have
already finished their breakfast waiting at the registration booth for participants 
before sunrise.

As early as 6am there are already members registering for the walk. and Pasig River
is calm and beautiful the smell is tolerable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


image from PHSI

Philippine Horticulture Society brings to us an event for florist, gardeners
and hobbyist called "HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA 2015"   at the QC Circle ,
Tropical Garden. From Jan 23, to Feb 2  Activities aside from the garden, landscaping
show includes  Floats parade, free lectures, demos, raffles hands on demo, a Cavite
farm tour and free walking  tour by  Lawrence Chan (of Walk with Chan)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Walk with Chan:Bulacan Culinary Heritage tour

on the morning of  Jan 17, 2015 I decided to join my first trip to Bulacan ,
with no idea whats going to happen, I bought my untested Nissan Cefiro for a
spin around 42 kilometers one way and clocked 107kms  steady
a cruising 100kph and tested speed of 140kph and still stable! didnt tried
the top speed of 260kph though, maybe next time on a runaway.(hehe)

from Caloocan, its a whole day tour at an affordable price of 2k. and we went to so
many places that I dont know where to start  my story telling.
heres our itenary: (some of them I failed to get pictures, maybe nxt tour)
Barasoin Church & Museum, Paseo del congreso, Cojuanco house
a glimpse of Casa Real Shrine, on board the d-max
Tanjosoy house, Malolos Cityhall, Malolos Cathedral,
Chiong cervantes house, adriano house, Casa Tribunal
women of malolos marker, bautista house,
mirienda a few sips of cofee at Alberta Uitingco y Santos house then
Malolos central school(Gabaldon Bldg), lunch at Bistro Malolenyo
then off to a 9kms. drive to Bulakan, Bulacan for the MH Del Pilar Shrine,
passed by Gen. Gorio del Pilar Shrine, a tour of Bulacan cemetery,
the Lava house where our host was very friendly we got a taste of home
cooking spagetti gutchinta and several bananas to take home.
our last stop my favorite, the Ycasiano-Enriquez house
where we were entertained by the owner and treated to a live balagtasan
performance a bonus treat careoff, Rheeza and the lovely Sam who gave
a cooking demo. and a brief history and tour of the house by our host.

We didnt have time to go to Guiguinto Garden City anymore. I wish there is another
tour like this, a farm tour pewrhaps? and we can go back and have a look at
the houses we missed.

I bought 2 trusty Starmobile gasdgets with 3000mah batteries, I took a few videos

video of tour part 1
video of tour part 2
video of tour part 3
video of tour part 4
inside the Light and Sound presentation by the grandson of Apolinario Mabini 
the light and sound tour inside Barasoin
constitutions of the Philippines(inside museum)
a tour inside barasoin
a tour outside the church  (in this video pls bear with me for the position of camera)
a tour inside the Alberta Uytangco y Santos house
(around 19 videos) so you could enjoy listening to the  tour guides. and have 30%
idea of whats happening that day. pls bear with me for the crappy cam phone photos
though. I have around a hundred images of Bulacan to share, but this will make my blog
so long and boring I decided to make a video from the images.

so let us now start the story telling, VAMOS A MALOLOS!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A succulent and cacti seminar

this morning I went to Gancayco Hall to attend a unique seminar for cactus and
succulent lovers.

Cactus and Succulent Society is dedicated to promoting the use of succulent plants
to industry professionals and the public through demonstrations, seminars,
garden show(this coming hrtikultura extravaganza) and in my friend's blogs.
the group and its members are  committed to producing quality plants, teaching us
accurate labeling using scientific name.

here are the summary of what happened  while ago(on video)
part 1 intro
a word fr the president
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
how to repot

Mr. Lino Rom  was so kind to share what he knows, the actual experiece from his
many years of cacti care. he even encouraged us to join in future cactus shows like
giving a prize in the future for the smallest cactus, the biggest cactus etc.

here are some of the pictures I took a while ago.
videos are also available for viewing in my fb page and here in my blog.