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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Walk with Chan:Bulacan Culinary Heritage tour

on the morning of  Jan 17, 2015 I decided to join my first trip to Bulacan ,
with no idea whats going to happen, I bought my untested Nissan Cefiro for a
spin around 42 kilometers one way and clocked 107kms  steady
a cruising 100kph and tested speed of 140kph and still stable! didnt tried
the top speed of 260kph though, maybe next time on a runaway.(hehe)

from Caloocan, its a whole day tour at an affordable price of 2k. and we went to so
many places that I dont know where to start  my story telling.
heres our itenary: (some of them I failed to get pictures, maybe nxt tour)
Barasoin Church & Museum, Paseo del congreso, Cojuanco house
a glimpse of Casa Real Shrine, on board the d-max
Tanjosoy house, Malolos Cityhall, Malolos Cathedral,
Chiong cervantes house, adriano house, Casa Tribunal
women of malolos marker, bautista house,
mirienda a few sips of cofee at Alberta Uitingco y Santos house then
Malolos central school(Gabaldon Bldg), lunch at Bistro Malolenyo
then off to a 9kms. drive to Bulakan, Bulacan for the MH Del Pilar Shrine,
passed by Gen. Gorio del Pilar Shrine, a tour of Bulacan cemetery,
the Lava house where our host was very friendly we got a taste of home
cooking spagetti gutchinta and several bananas to take home.
our last stop my favorite, the Ycasiano-Enriquez house
where we were entertained by the owner and treated to a live balagtasan
performance a bonus treat careoff, Rheeza and the lovely Sam who gave
a cooking demo. and a brief history and tour of the house by our host.

We didnt have time to go to Guiguinto Garden City anymore. I wish there is another
tour like this, a farm tour pewrhaps? and we can go back and have a look at
the houses we missed.

I bought 2 trusty Starmobile gasdgets with 3000mah batteries, I took a few videos

video of tour part 1
video of tour part 2
video of tour part 3
video of tour part 4
inside the Light and Sound presentation by the grandson of Apolinario Mabini 
the light and sound tour inside Barasoin
constitutions of the Philippines(inside museum)
a tour inside barasoin
a tour outside the church  (in this video pls bear with me for the position of camera)
a tour inside the Alberta Uytangco y Santos house
(around 19 videos) so you could enjoy listening to the  tour guides. and have 30%
idea of whats happening that day. pls bear with me for the crappy cam phone photos
though. I have around a hundred images of Bulacan to share, but this will make my blog
so long and boring I decided to make a video from the images.

so let us now start the story telling, VAMOS A MALOLOS!

Barasoin Church

The Barasoain Church will always be an important part of Filipino history and
Filipino lives. Not counting the significant events that occurred here through the
course of history, the structure itself plays a huge part in the cultural development
of Filipinos since it was one of the religious centers during the Spanish colonial era.

here, is a really old church with lots of big statues everywhere, including one in the
courtyard dedicated to Saint  JohnPaull II. There's a museum attached to the church
which tells the history of the Filipino revolution (through light and sound)
and their struggles against both Spanish and American colonization. accommodating
locals. this place holds the bests pasalubong goodies, and the final place to end
being a bachelor loverboy, this is the place where to say 'I do'

Basilica Minore dela Nuestra Senora de Immaculada Concepcion
(Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral) founded 1580, consecrated 1817

a neoclassical church completed 1817  destroyed by earthquake in 1873, 
burned in 1899, and was rebuilt 1902-1936.
located in front of the Malolos City Municipal Hall. A large Statue of 
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception stands out even from afar. 

The Malolos Cathedral convent served as the presidential palace of 
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, during the First Philippine Republic from 
September 15, 1898 to March 31, 1899. 
Gen. Aguinaldo used the convent as his office. outside you see the 
Kalayaan Tree (Siar) at the patio of the Cathedral.

this tree is  a living witness to the Malolos Republic. Aguinaldo and his 
Cabinet have conducted many political discussions there. you will see a 
monument symbolizing the meeting of Filipino revolutionaries, represented 
by Gen. Gregorio del Pilar and Gen. Isidoro Torres; Don Pablo Tecson,  
Fr. Mariano Sevilla, & Doña Basilia Tantoco.

other names

this was made into an independent parish in 1578. It has experienced numerous 
destruction because of earthquakes but the townsfolk has always successfully 
restored the church each time. young Gorio del Pilar has secretly distributed 
pamphlets here. (campaign articles written by his uncle, M. H. del Pilar, 
against the Spaniards.

Alberta Uitangcoy-Santos House
then we went to the Uitingco y Santos house, the tour guide told us that
This 1914 Paulino and Alberta Uitangcoy-Santos House in Malolos, Bulacan.
we we’re extremely privileged to visit the house of the acknowledged leader of 
the group, Alberta S. Uitangcoy, "iDING"(1865), the house was burned down
and a second house was built,  This second home, completed in 1914, is what 
we get to visit today.
how 1890’s-looking it seems to be, rather than being in a 1910’s style house.
heres a peep inside

then after the churches, were guided to the ancestral houses.
We dropped by to a few ancestral houses for a 15 mins tour for each house.

Theres more to Malolos than Barasoin! 

After we toured inside the house of Dr. Luis Santos, we saw an old ancestral 
house that is being sold, our guide told us that the house is sold for financial 
reasons. its very sad that many heirs of the historical figures had been selling 
their ancestral property despite their historical and cultural values. 

when we did the walking tour,  A row of ancestral houses greeted us.
when you pass by  Estrella and Pariancillo Sts.  you see  the Ejercito House which 
was the Department of War of the First Philippine Republic. On the left side of 
Pariancillo St. is the Cervantes House which is the Tiongson House with its 
intricate windows. 

we passed by GOBIERNO del Pilar de Plaza de Malolos or called
The Adriano House has been beautifully restored and today 
serves as the Meralco Building. (the guard didnt give us a friendly look)
It was then the Gobierno Militar de la Plaza. Now Just across it is a structure with 
sealed half-moon balconies that once served as the Carcel or jail. 
CASA TRIBUNAL served as town hall of  Malolos in 1859. its now a blank 
wall only 4% remains of the structure.

On the left are the ruins that mark the place where Jose Rizal's historic letter 
To the Women of Malolos was read. The Bautista House, and the house with
ornately sculpted with neo-classic touches, was the Secretaria de Fomento. 
we also went inside the house of Don Antonio Bautista,  an aide of Gen. 
Emilio Aguinaldo and was greeted by the grandest collection of antique 
furniture you can see in Malolos!

Secretaria de Fomento House
we also went inside the SECRETARIA de Fomento was the house of Don Antonio 
Bautista,  an aide of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. 

this is the grandest house I went to, the antique furniture alone will cost
as much as 2 modern house.

Then off to Bulakan, Bulacan we went, a 9kms drive where we
see  the MH Del Pilar Shrine, passed by Gen. Gorio del Pilar Shrine,
the church in Bulakan, Bulacan

a tour of Bulacan cemetery, a few meters drive to the

the Lava house where our host was very friendly we got a taste of home
cooking spagetti gutchinta and several bananas to take home.

passed by another house

Ycasiano-Enriquez Ancestral house

our last stop my favorite, the Ycasiano-Enriquez house
where we were entertained by the owner and treated to a live balagtasan
performance a bonus treat careoff, Rheeza and the lovely Sam who gave
a cooking demo. and a brief history and tour of the house by our host.

here we are treated to a demo of gurgurya by two great food experts
Rheeza and her niece Sam.

heres a blog of the Ycasiano Enriquez house I found

and a brief history of how wealthy filipinos live, how strict parents they were
and when the Sala is open when its close, who are allowed to go upstairs
am sure there are also stories of supernatural beings and elementals not yet
shared, but that is for another day, another tour, bec when darkness falls 
we have to pack up and leave Bulacan for Caloocan.
we dropped by Eurobake for some inipit and encymada demo, before heading 
back to civilization.

it took me 30 mins from Guigunto to Caloocan. no traffic. looking forward to 
another tour and meeting a new set of friends with the same passion.

til then, til next tour, this is your LOVERBOY Dennis signing out.
jan 18,2015

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