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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


image from PHSI

Philippine Horticulture Society brings to us an event for florist, gardeners
and hobbyist called "HORTIKULTURA EXTRAVAGANZA 2015"   at the QC Circle ,
Tropical Garden. From Jan 23, to Feb 2  Activities aside from the garden, landscaping
show includes  Floats parade, free lectures, demos, raffles hands on demo, a Cavite
farm tour and free walking  tour by  Lawrence Chan (of Walk with Chan)

As part of the celebration, Philippine Horticulture Society of the Philippines  had
the first   National Horticulture congress, a two day learning event with great speakers
for the whole  day seminar, the event  is part of the week long  celebration of the
Hortikultura Extravaganza Event.  happening  Jan 21-22  at the Bureau of Soils
Conference Hall ,Elliptical Road,  QC Memorial Circle corner Visayas Avenue with
the theme:                                                        
"¥aman $a ₱aghahalaman"

Part of the lecture series is a tutorial by Dr Jaime Galvez Tan where medicinal plants
are raffled off to the lucky winners. (with laminated labels)

Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan speaks about the balbas pusa plant a good  alternative
medicine for hypertensive patients, other herbs are also discussed and can be
played on this video. he drinks Turmeric with honey or coco sugar , muscovado
sugar anti cancer drink, he also talks about  takip kuhol a good  Anti alzhimers drink.

I want to thank Unagro for their giveaways at the 1ST HORTI CONGRESS 2015. 

There will also be a farm tour on Sat Jan 24, tentative farms to by visited are the farms
of Boyet Ganigan ornamental Farm, Mrs. Adela Ang 's  herbal farm  and
Dr. Olivia Sanchez -orchid and ornamental farm. (expect updates on this)

during  the opening on Jan 23,  3 pm a fireworks display by the Firecrackers
Association of the Philippines

here are the videos of the lectures just click on the
link or add me
Dr. Tan lecture 1               Dr. Tan Lecture 3             Dr. Tan Lecture Part 5
Dr. Tan lecture 2                Dr. Tan Lecture 4                                                
Lecture part 1     Lecture  part 2   
Landscaping Lecture 1   Landscaping Lecture   2  landscaping lecture 

PHSI will also be conducting a FREE basic orchid laboratory culture    
from January 21 and 22 at the PHSI office within Quezon Memorial      
Circle , Quezon City - Please register with the PHSI secretariat Ms. Angel
at #219-43-95  0916-229-9273.                                                                  

(PHSI) has invited its counterpart in Thailand, the Thailand Horticultural
Society through Dr. Surawit Wannakrairoj of Kasetsart University to Exhibit at
the HortiKultura Extravaganza 2015, this coming January 23 to February 2.

watch the ingress here     ingress 2     ingress 3

here are the pictures I took from the 2 day congress

part of the Hortikultura Extravaganda celebration is a farm tour. Today is the start
of the whole day tour I arrived at 5am and parked at the QC circle the coaster
arrived at 6:10am. we left at 6:27am then our first stop is the farm of Vic Chin
then off to Ming Garden, afterwards lunch at Highlands Palace, then to the farm
of  Dr. Jae in Laguna then back to QC Circle.
inside Mings Garden                     inside Ming's garden2

before lunch we went to Vic Chin's place at Calamba, we learned how to
take care of our orchids the correct way, and he is right. if you have a good
heart, you will be happy about his garden, you'll get envious if your bad,
otherwise. thats real talk. below are videos of his lecture to us.

Vic Chin Seminar #1
Vic Chin Seminar #2

we then proceeded for highlands palace for our lunch. below are videos
and a glimpse inside tagaytay highlands.
here are videos entering and goin in Tagaytay Highlands 1
View deck Tagaytay Highlands
Tagaytay Highlands 2       Tagaytay Highlands Golf Club

here is the video of our lunch at highlands Palace, one can see that the weather is really
cold. around 16 deg?

after this we went to Arids and Aroids at Silang for some exotic ferns and plants
at Dr. Jie's garden. the trip backhome was fun with great stories from members
afterwards we went back to QC Circle.

I didnt attend the opening where the floats and fireworks display by Ralph of
Binondo fireworks lovers association of the Philippines have a short fireworks
lighting. here is the video, these videos are taken from Ralph's fb page

Feb 1, 2015 is the thanksgiving mass awarding ceremony and dinner for the participants
where the winner is given a trophy and cash prize of 10k.

Lawrence has a much detailed writeup of this event. pls visit his site.

the scene was romantic and you could still see the beautiful landscapes and
award wining entries even at nght. feb 2, 2015 will be egress day and the next
event will be March 2015 for the florafilipina 2015. this ends my partial coverage
of the HORTICULTUA 2015.

this is LOVERBOY Dennis signing out for now. next month Febuary 28 is
another show called Florafilipina. cu.


  1. Aww, too bad I wasn't able to see this. I would love to attend this kind of event in the future. :)

  2. My lola used to have a small garden on our backyard. This sure looks interesting.