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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sentimental walk down memory lane.

Yesterday, I had two events supposedly, the tour of Lawrence Chan at the 
Quezon house, part of the events highlighting the HORTIKULTURA
EXTRAVAGANZA 2015 & this one. -Sentimental walk down memory lane.
I have booked this tour with my friend Chito and dear friends from the 
organizing commitee, since October of last yr, and so I decided to reserve a 
slot with Chito during the El Hogar scanning last year.

pic by Kapt. Buddy

I arrived early. 5:30am and I thought ill be all alone, to my surpise, friends have
already finished their breakfast waiting at the registration booth for participants 
before sunrise.

As early as 6am there are already members registering for the walk. and Pasig River
is calm and beautiful the smell is tolerable.
VIDEOS above are taken by Jian Chua  from our lunch at Lido Restaurant
and during the Registration.

River cruise 001 (video of the ferry going to guadalupe)  River cruise002 (continuation going to guadalupe)
River Cruise 003 (Arrival PUP Guadalupe)

this is what it looks like when aboard the River Ferry 
and this is how it looks like when the ferry is moving, watch:  Pasig River Ferry 
Videos taken from my other camera: Pasig River Ferry Ride    
in this   ferry ride   video you will see the ferry from guadalupe station passing to
the pandacan oil depot, the 4 bridges quezon, ayala, jones bridge post ofc and
finally to escolta station

here are the videos of the Pasig River Ferry tour  just click on each of them to
observe what you can see during the river cruise, except the part on where
the ferry passed by Malacanang before Nagtahan Bridge. (start of ferrycruise)

Above is the video of the actual tour with pictures ,click on these links and enjoy.
after the Pasig River cruise, we started the actual walk first to Escolta, then to Sta
Cruz church lunch at Lido Restaurant, then walk to Quiapo church, then a jeepney
ride to Manila Cathedral then to Fort Santiago then to ermita for the retro nghts.

During the walk at Escolta I've met a few friends from Bulacan Culinary Heritage
Tours the group of   food expert Rheeza Santiago Hernandez.

 Fort Santiago

Our last stop is Fort Santiago, the last time I went here was decades ago and I
havent got much time to appreciate the view but rather got more time for that
romantic walk. to my surprise there were no guardya civil guards on post but rather
2 guys in uncool sunglasses surprised to see 180 people coming in I nearly got a
heated argument with one of them but thought one may be stressed out so I just
ignored it and moved away from him. another one said, oh, 'excuse the horse please!
which i kept repeating' hehe  below are videos of things you see inside

inside Fort Santiago     guided tour Fort Santiago       Rizal Shrine walkthrough

We were treated to a free guided tour including the educational light and sound tour
and mirienda at the Fort Santiago, aside from the river ferry cruise, lunch and a souvenir
Memories of Old Manila tshirt all this for 550.00 no tour group can offer that and no
tour group will be bigger than this ever. check out 180 tour participants with 20k
followers? this group is where history lovers belong.

Fort Santiago video 1   fort santiago video   fort santiago light and sound

After the walk we have learned a lot of things, and we need to be alert and active
at Conserving our heritage, our treasures. and not to allow  selfish developers
of their plan of progress and profit. because future generations wll only see boring
structures of progress like Malls (for gadgets, new technologies), high rise, and man
made trees, with man made foods and man made preservatives.

Although many structures have been lost during WWII and up to now continue to
be lost to mindless development at an alarming rate, Manila still has a comparatively
rich number of buildings from 400 yrs ago. --> today.

Heritage buildings that have been lost in recent decades and points out specific current
threats to remaining vintage structures in each district.
thank you organizing commitee and MOM officers for the sucessful walk the first ever
and the biggest Manila tour for this year.  the Sentimental Walk down  memory lane.

CONGRATS! pic from Kapitan Buddy
Photo credits :Dee baluyot

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Ko signing out.

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  1. Really proud to be a part of this historic walk down he memory lane, rest assured of my presence in the future equally historic and exciting events the group will undertake whenever and where ever.