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Friday, May 22, 2015

Ride in Style With Great Motorcycle Audio

Ride in Style With Great Motorcycle Audio from TRAPIK AUDIO!

What better to accompany the sound of a motorcycle engine and the wind in your face
than incredible sound from your favorite RNB music from your favorite installer?
It’s all possible from the experts at TRAPIK AUDIO. look for the owner ,boss
Marlon? the man they called "bulag" and I wonder why?

Honestly I'm impressed with this place. the prices were competitive, but it's the service
that earned my respect. Marlon the owner is such a humble talended friend. upbeat and
polite. was greeted by an employee (kabayo) before I even entered (Trapik Audio).
He was lending a hand to another customer and took a second to explain, in tagalog...

"We will be right with you, sir." No No, not in the cheesy, forced "Hi welcome 
trapikaudio..." greeting that one usually receives, but a genuine "I'm sorry for the wait if
you have one, but we'll be with you as soon as we humanly are able." customer came in
during my wait and he was handled extremely professionally. and his crew, and the boys
at TRAPIK , were so friendly and awesome you would like to hangout there everyday.
Im glad I choosed TRAPIK AUDIO!

Do you know whats their specialty? its the science of creating good music in any mode
of transportation be it four wheel or two wheel. they are your motorcycle audio system
headquarters!  Whether your bike has an existing sound system to upgrade or lacks any
kind of sound, Marlon and Architect David can create and install a customized, completely
unique sound system solution just for you.

they also install sound on any motorcycles with fairings, windscreens and any other area
where speakers and electronics can be installed to deliver incredible sound!
heres an example. look!

his clients come to us for sound system design and installation because he is the expert
in this area. In the process of designing, installing an effective, reliable sound system
on ur motor bike, many custom fabricated parts are often necessary. his expert installer
staff team handles this with incredible precision.
(oh by the way, an added entertainment is the wo-MAN called GLAMUROSA, you
should meet and see her!)

Here are some of the fabrication services they offer:(pls correct my term if its wrong)

Custom Saddle Bag Lids with Integrated Speakers
Custom LED Accent Lighting
Custom Speaker Grilles
Custom Subwoofer Mounts
Custom Amplifier Mounting Brackets
Custom Saddle Bag Mounts

they dont just install any electronics and speakers on motorcycles; they take care to
select the right parts for the job. This ensures an engineered, whole-system approach that
delivers reliable and "crystal-loud and clear" sound to compliment the fun of open air
motor bike rides in the Philippines. Marlon uses good quality amplifiers to deliver
maximum sound output with minimal space and electrical requirements.

Whatever your needs, the TRAPIK AUDIO team pride themselves on engineering a
creative and easy-to-use solution so all you do is enjoy the ride.

by the way, Happy birthday to the Birthday boy sir Ramil Felipe Olaguera more
birthdays to come my friend. more carshows to win.

tomorow, May 23, TRAPIK AUDIO TEAM will be put to the big test as the entire
crew joins the PHILIPPINE ARENA motoring Festival at Ciudad de Victoria,
Bocaue Bulacan. good luck to the entire team and participants.
am sorry I cannot attend the event due to prior engagements. advance CONGRATS
To your team sir.

this is your LOVERBOY Dennis Signing out

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